Weekend News Roundup for May 26-27, 2012

This weekend, we’ll be posting Jeopardy questions Rush Holt tested Shelley Adler, John Wisniewski, Jeff Tittel and others with a few days ago, for you to play.

The conservative case to save traditional public schools

  • This, by Bob Braun, is bang-on. A must-read.

    Star-Ledger Endorses Ron Rice for Congress in CD10

  • Payne has only he vaguest grip on federal issues. Gill “not an effective coalition builder” and “limited” influence. But Rice is “smart, energetic, effective” and already has developed his priorities for when he gets to Congress.

  • And urges Pascrell over Rothman in CD9.

    Blue Jersey Weekend Poll

  • Should The Senate Judiciary Committee Confirm Bruce Harris?

    Booker’s Bain and suffering

  • Booker took a giant step toward the presidency last Sunday, shored up his base of big-money contributors across the Hudson and gave Obama a lesson how not to pick a surrogate. (Margaret Carlson)

    Assorted Christie & Veepstakes

  • Oh Please, Mitt Romney, Please Pick Chris Christie As Your Running Mate!. (Madrak, Crooks & Liars)

  • Timing is key, when you’re picking a running mate.
  • Web videos give Christie a way to bypass media.
  • ‘Jersey Comeback’ may be on, but for whom? (Auditor)
  • Legislators fire back after Christie’s insults about Nick Scutari’s education.
  • Christie’s latest budget gimmick (MuniLand, Reuters)

    Christie & AG Chiesa: Both are wrong to conclude NYPD Muslim probe was justified

  • So says Star-Ledger.

    4 questions left unanswered

  • in Dharun Ravi case. (Kelly)

    I love it when Republicans show up & speak frankly

  • That’s how you can tell who they really are.

    Towns going green amid worries about climate change

  • Local people & communities take responsibility.


  • Pumping proposal sparks North Jersey water war.
  • In AC, tension growing between Marina and Boardwalk areas.
  • State, private colleges ask N.J. for a $6B upgrade.

    Primary Day June 5

  • Primary election battles on tap in Piscataway, Sayreville, South Brunswick.

    July 1 was a ridiculous date anyway

  • Merger of Rowan & Rutgers not likely to happen by July 1.

  • Christie says Rutgers-Camden will lose its name.

    Memorial Day

  • Death of WWII vets is an irreplaceable loss.

  • Remembering nation’s vets, even as Memorial Day’s importance seems to fade.

  • Events to attend – county by county.
  • Comments (6)

    1. 12mileseastofTrenton

      Delaware and Seton Hall.  Maybe he couldn’t get into Rutgers either time.  And that’s why he wants to eliminate Rutgers Camden.

    2. 12mileseastofTrenton

      But make no mistake: This is a career move for Rothman. If he were more of a team player, he would have gone after Garrett, come what may.

      For Democrats, the real pity is that Rothman has forced this fight.

    3. Jay Lassiter

      Steve Rothman got so fiercely called on the carpet in the Star Ledger’s endorsement of his opponent Bill Pascrell. Rothman’s lack of honesty and integrity and balls offsets the fact that he’s a tiny shade more liberal than Pascrell.  

    4. mary10

      Good job, Star Ledger!  Bill has my vote this time and everytime.  He’s a good human being and represents us very well.  Let’s get out the vote!  


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