We need our libraries

(Borders went bankrupt, independent bookstore have been vanishing, Barnes & Noble is having difficulties, and newspapers and magazines are suffering. Oh yes, we have something called the internet, but our libraries also need our support.   – promoted by Bill Orr)

The Edison Public Library hosted a panel  of local authors on April 28th.  That’s one of the many reasons to support and fund our public libraries.

Edison Library isn’t the largest library I’ve seen. It’s two stories, but the surrounding acreage isn’t huge.  It’s on a busy street and getting in can be a hassle.  The back is white brick with small windows and a loading dock.  The outside appearance doesn’t matter because the inside has all the good stuff.

They have computers for public use and on Saturday, there was a line.  The magazine racks were full of current copies of magazines. They had a meeting room on the second floor for the author’s panel. I didn’t get a head count, but they told me there were twenty people who wanted to know and talk about publishing with published authors from the state.  

I enjoy going to bookstores, both big and small independent. The stores are out to make a profit. There are thousands of authors that publish yearly. The stores can’t accommodate them and if the author doesn’t have a big profitable following, the big store won’t accommodate themI. The library will. There may not be sales to be had. There may not be big name authors, but there is passion for art, for discussion, and community.  

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