Rush Holt hosts high-stakes Jeopardy game

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ANSWER:          Pretty much what only rocket scientists can do

QUESTION:       What is, Star-studded Jeopardy fundraisers?

My Congressman IS a Rocket Scientist

This … is … JEOPARDY!

There’s a reason Rush Holt’s constituents drive around CD12 with this bumpersticker, why it’s such a hot commodity. Only research physicist in Congress. Advocate for education and research funding. Forward-thinker. 5-time Jeopardy winner. Only man in Congress to beat IBM’s Watson in a head-to-supercomputer Jeopardy matchup.

But New Jersey may have more than one tough mind ready to play. And Sunday, Holt is hosting some of the smartest people in New Jersey politics in a hot game of Jeopardy.

Still tix left for Jeopardy 2012 Sunday 4-6pm RSVP/more info.

Who’s playing?

Shelley Adler, Candidate for US Congress, NJ-3

Assemblyman Daniel R. Benson

B. Thomas Byrne, Jr.

Gov. Jim Florio

Senator Linda Greenstein

Jeff Tittel, Director, New Jersey Sierra Club

Professor Sean Wilentz

John S. Wisniewski, Chair, NJ Democratic State Committee

Who’s judging?

Mayor David DelVecchio

Ginger Gold Schnitzer                  

Greta Kiernan, former Assemblywoman & Jeopardy! contestant

I promise you, none of these people want to miss any questions in front of this crowd. Expect high-stakes competition from some of NJ’s best and brightest. I’m really looking forward to this, and personally I’ll be cheering hardest for Shelley Adler, a very bright woman running to retake CD3 from a former football player who wasn’t ready for the job when he he was elected to the House, and still isn’t. But then, I think anybody on that list could beat Jon Runyan in a quiz game with half their I.Q. tied behind their back.

Here’s all the details. RSVPs to or (609) 799-0800.


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  1. Stephen Yellin

    Diehard Jeopardy fan here. Sadly, I can’t afford the ticket price – I may be “smart”, but I’m also poor. 🙁


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