QOTD: Chris Christie Superiority Complex Edition

Tonight on NJ 101.5, Chris Christie was asked about Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald’s challenge to debate their respective tax cut proposals. It’s a discussion the governor recently said he’d be glad to have but now clearly fears as evidenced by his refusal to actually have the debate. What did Governor Christie say about his change of heart?

“I know Lou is trying to make himself important, but he is who he is.”

Forget that Christie said he welcomes the discussion. Forget that he has already accused Democrats of lying about their tax plan, making a debate the perfect forum for nailing them to the wall on their sordid plot. Forget that this is a guy who always brags about meaning what he says. Because apparently that only applies… Well, it’s unclear.

What is clear is that this is a man who clearly thinks that he is important, far more so than some puny legislator (who is also the Assembly Majority Leader). What a nobody! And if you’re not even a legislator – let’s say you’re just some guy or gal working a job and feeding yourself, perhaps a family too – well then it’s even less likely Chris Christie wants to hear from you. I mean, you’re not even the governor or anything.  

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  1. vmars

    who backs down when challenged.

    And if the Assembly MAJORITY Leader “is who he is” that what is the Senate MINORITY Leader Tom Kean Jr.

    Christie just dismissed every legislator, his party and ours.

  2. monmouthhouse

    It seems that unless you can bring Christie more power and facebook followers, he has no use for anyone.


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