Playing Rush Holt’s Jeopardy #3

A few days ago, as I wrote earlier, Rush Holt got together some of the best known people in politics to play a little Jeopardy.

Players included: Shelley Adler, Candidate for US Congress, NJ-3

Assemblyman Dan Benson, former Dem state Chair Tom Byrne, current Chair Asm John Wisniewski, Gov. Jim Florio, Sen. Linda Greenstein, Sierra Club’s Jeff Tittel & Princeton Prof. Sean Wilentz. I’ve been posting the questions all weekend. Rush Holt wrote them himself along with his staff.

Want to play? So far the pollster is cleaning everybody’s clock. Let’s see how you do. Here are the next 2 categories, Destination NJ & Diamonds.  Still to come tonight, Final Jeopardy and an announcement of which of Holt’s political friends won his Jeopardy 2012 event. Please remember to phrase your answer in the form of a question. Jump below the fold.  

Destination NJ

100   As this medical drama goes off the air, now there really is a Princeton Plainsboro Hospital.

200   Hindenberg flew from Frankfurt to this air base.

300   After the Battle of Monmouth, the British Army marched to this NJ peninsula to sail away.

400   This USAir pilot had to make a wet landing short of Teterboro.

500   The first blockbuster tranquilizer, made by CarterWallace in the 1950s, was named for this Middlesex town.


200   This President, first to throw out a ceremonial first pitch, put some heft behind the ball at the Washington Senators 1910 Opening Day.

400   This musician wrote, “Diamonds and Rust,” describing Bob Dylan as “the unwashed phenomenon.”

600   This musician serenaded Caroline Kennedy at her 50th birthday celebration with the popular song she inspired him to write.

800   The real name of the baseball philosopher who said, “I never said most of the things I said.”

1000   Of Blue Claws, Patriots, River Sharks, Jackals, Goldfinches, and Thunder, the one that is not a NJ minor league baseball team.

Post your answers in comments. Good luck.


Comments (4)

  1. the pollster

    Only a few:


    100: What is House?

    200: What is Lakehurst?

    That’s it for that. I don’t think there’s a “Valium, NJ.”


    200: Who was Taft?

    400: Who is Joan Baez?

    600: Who is Neil Diamond?

    That’s that.

    I’m not as smart as Rosi thinks I am!

  2. Nowlan

    NJ:  500  What is Milltown?

    Milltown was the subject of a lot of jokes that I was too young (barely) to get!  “goin’ to town–Milltown!”

  3. Nowlan


    Destination NJ:

    .99:  This song by Gerry Goffin and Carole King and recorded by The Monkees involves a weekend in West Orange.

  4. Chazz

    just trying to look at ones no one has answered yet…

    Destination New Jersey:

    300 What is Sandy Hook?

    400 Who is Sullenberger?


    800 Who is Lawrence Peter Berra?

    1000 Who are the Goldfinches?


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