Playing Rush Holt’s Jeopardy #2

I’d like to say that the pollster got every question played in the first category of Rush Holt’s Jeopardy game last weekend. But I can’t. Although the pollster is undoubtably brilliant, her answers were not phrased in the form of a question.  

All this weekend we’re posting questions from the Jeopardy game Rush Holt hosted with the bunch of political All-Stars (Shelley Adler, Jim Florio, Dan Benson and more) competing. The first category was maybe the easiest; questions get harder from here. Rush Holt & his campaign staff wrote them; the congressman is a 5-time Jeopardy winner himself. I’m mixing up categories a bit, hardest last.

Resist teh Google, and post the answers in the comments if you know them. Here are the questions of our next 2 categories – The Write Stuff & NJ Higher Ed – after the fold. Remember to phrase your answers in the form of a question….

The Write Stuff

100   This Burlington novelist is most famous for his novel, “The Last of the Mohicans.”

200   This Civil War novel by Stephen Crane was internationally acclaimed despite the fact that he had no military experience.

300   Patriotic pamphleteer who lived in Bordentown City.

400   This great poet has a bridge named after him that connects New Jersey to Pennsylvania.

500   This soldier poet, killed in World War I had a fondness for Trees.

NJ Higher Ed

200   Colonial America was home to nine institutes of higher education; these two were located in New Jersey (although neither goes by its colonial name today!)

400   This university recently made national headlines for its decision to welcome men in its undergraduate classes after 100 years as an all-women’s institution.

600   The president of this college has an underwater mountain range in the South China Sea in his name.  

800   If you want to study Port Security Research, you should head to this Hoboken university – classified by DHS as a National Center of Excellence in its field.

1000   This public research university was founded in 1970 by the State Legislature and has campuses in Newark, Camden and New Brunswick (among others).

More categories, and Final Jeopardy as well as which Democrat won last weekend’s Jeopardy 2012 game, coming up later this weekend. Got answers?  

Comments (11)

  1. Hopeful

    put the “who is” in the subject line to make them questions.

  2. the pollster


    James Fenimore Cooper

    Red Badge of Courage

    Thomas Paine (guess)

    Walt Whitman!

    Joyce Kilmer

  3. the pollster

    since I’m not a native NJer. But the first one is probably What are Princeton and Rutgers? (which was Queen’s College, right? Bro is an alum). And What is Douglass College?

    That’s the best I can do there.


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