Pascrell: Fighting for LGBT Equality

Dom is the mayor of Haledon. promoted by Rosi

Following President Obama’s historic announcement in support of marriage equality, the progressive community has been reenergized.  His support for this important civil rights issue can’t be quantified.  We all need to follow his lead and fight to elect progressive Democrats like Bill Pascrell that are going to stand up and fight for our LGBT brothers-and-sisters.  As an early supporter of marriage equality myself, I know how important this issue is to our progressive community. Unfortunately, Bill’s opponent is doing everything he can to distort his record to remain in Congress.  I’m with Bill Pascrell this June because I know he is the real fighter in this race standing up for our progressive Democratic values. He won’t cut-and-run from any fight. Don’t just take my word, see why Michael Galluccio is standing with Congressman Bill Pascrell.

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  1. Jeff Gardner

    It’s such a pleasure to have primary opponents in Bill Pascrell and Steve Rothman who both support the LGBT community generally and marriage equality specifically. (That should be true of more general election opponents!) – allows us to base our choices on the myriad other issues that affect all of us.

    The LGBT community in NJ is truly blessed to have so many straight but not narrow supporters like these distinguished Congressmen, and of course, the great mayor of Haledon. 🙂


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