News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, May 17, 2012

imgresChristie’s Mission Accomplished Jersey Comeback

  • Another false start, says Star-Ledger.

    Christie & cabinet file financial disclosure forms

  • And these are very well-off folks.

    Camden opens new chapter in Christie’s education reform agenda

  • What with its size and Facebook fortune, Newark gets all the press. But Camden is quickly becoming ground zero south for the Christie administration’s push for education reform.

    Yes, Bert, There CAN Be More Than One

  • Senator Weinberg answers one of Bertin Lefkovic’s suggestions.

  • Nia Gill says she regrets the slight.

    VEEPstakes & Assorted Christie

  • Christie in 2008: Well, THIS won’t won’t make the conservative base happy. (video)
  • Christie uses humor to connect, but could Romney follow suit? um, no

  • Burnishing Booker-Christie brand, gov goes after Sarlo and Greenwald in Codey’s district


  • Christie’s travel schedule raises eyebrows.

    Zisa trial ends

  • And it’s a conviction.

  • Mike Kelly ponders a post-Zisa future for Hackensack.


  • Some of you aren’t very nice to the exact change basket on the GSP.
  • Revised farmland assessment program would make it easier for farmers to qualify for tax breaks, harder for politicians and rock stars
  • NJ foreclosure inventory growing.
  • Denying Unemployment to Seasonal Workers at Jersey Shore.

  • Our energy tax collections are $121M short of expectations, pushing revenue shortfall to $351M.

  • Senate Budget delays vote on property tax cut.

    Gay people marrying

  • Poll finds we’re OK with that, though Christie’s referendum delaying tactic worked on 67% of us.
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