Loretta Weinberg, Hotshot Mom

Whenever I introduce her, I call Loretta Weinberg the NJ Godmother of the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party. Steven Goldstein calls her his adoptive mom. But Francine Graff, a California blogger, gets to call her Mom for reals.

Blue Jersey’s own Loretta will be named one of five 2012 Mothers of Achievement at a luncheon ceremony Friday in D.C.. And it was Francine who nominated her. Francine blogs at Mothering Heights and she is the mother of Loretta’s grandkids Jonah and Shayna. Loretta’s son Danny hosted a Garden State Equality party at his Hip and Humble store in Red Bank a few weeks ago.

The Senator has a leading role speaking out for and trying to protect legislatively the health and well-being of the women and families of this state, in the face of a governor who can’t get her to go away, who implored the press to go after the Senator with a bat. She says this:

“On behalf of all New Jersey moms, at home in the Garden State and around the world – mothers struggling to find the balance between career and family, mothers who just want to make sure their kids get all the love and support they need to grow up to be healthy, productive adults – it will be my honor to accept one of the 2012 ‘Mother of Achievement’ awards. The role of mothers in today’s society is as important as it ever was, and the struggles in some ways are even greater.

A “feisty Jewish grandmother:”  

“I’ve always prided myself on my reputation as a ‘feisty Jewish grandmother,’ and I guess to be a grandmother, you have to be a mother first. Through the years, the love, guidance and strength that I’ve derived from my family has helped me in my public service career.  Whether it was direction in my policy decisions, encouragement during difficult times, or a sense of perspective when we get too caught up in the little things under the dome, I owe my success to my family, and I’m so proud to be chosen to represent moms everywhere who can say the same thing.”

American Mothers, Inc. is giving the award. It describes itself as a national non-political, non-profit organization created to promote the role of mothers in home, community, nation and world. The Senator will receive her award as part of the American Mothers National Conference May 3-6.

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  1. carolh

    look up to Loretta. Just like a mom – she looks out for the wellbeing of all of us here in NJ and she has earned the deepest affection from us.  Just like a mom – she is always there and has our best interests at heart – even when she is weary herself, she always stays strong for us.  I have the most incredible admiration and respect for her honesty, her integrity, and her compassion.  I am so very proud to know her and the longer I get to know her, the more deep my regard for her grows.

  2. I was so proud to write a “second of the nomination” letter at Francine’s request.  Loretta, your progressive family loves you.  Your Garden State Equality family loves you. Your Blue Jersey family loves you.  Your Teaneck family loves you.  Your California family loves you.  Okay, so not the Governor, who cares.  Mazel tov from Daniel, me and thousands of others.


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