How Fast Things Change: A Marriage Equality Plank for the Dems

576472297A few days ago, I sketched out a diary about a decision by state Democratic Chair John Wisniewski join 10 other state chairs behind an effort to include marriage equality plank in the 2012 Democratic platform. And I held it in draft hoping for an exclusive quote for us about it.

And frankly, as glad as I was to see Wisniewski sign on to that – joining both our U.S. senators and the Dem chairs of the 3 biggest states of California, Texas and our open-for-marriage neighbor New York among others – I didn’t think the effort, organized by Freedom to Marry, stood a chance in hell. Adopt a plank to the left of the president? Yeah, right. But I love being wrong…  


Arne Duncan …(of all people)

Caroline Kennedy

Then, in the moment of confirmation so many people waited for for so long, President Barack Obama. And now, floodgates.

The Democratic National Convention will still be held in a state a lot of Americans no longer want to visit and that’s still a problem. And the president’s ‘states’ rights’ comment was less than ideal. DOMA still stands, though it’s wobbling. Misperceptions and objections from those who want to dictate the freedoms of others. And my gay friends still can’t get married in Jersey.

But marriage equality, that forward leap whose inevitability has been clear for some time, now has the backing of the leader of the free world. Beat that with a stick. And that plank I never thought we’d see in the Democrats’ 2012 platform? A couple hours ago Harry Reid said he’s sure it will be there.

I love being wrong. And thanks to John Wisniewski for his part in pushing my president to do the right thing.  

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    I just didn’t know when … probably moved up when Biden spoke… why I was quiet about the issue.

    Marriage is a state issue, like issuing drivers licenses, but DOMA should go and may be with a progressive Supreme Court marriage will be universal.

    this election is supremely important as Robert Bork is Romney’s chief adviser for judicial nominations.


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