Does Christie’s budget strategy mean no re-election bid?

As interested observer pointed out yesterday, Christie’s governorship relies on frequent distraction. And it really relies on distraction in this budget season, with a proposed tax cut for millionaires that can only be funded by ignoring the real revenue projections and, now, massive borrowing to fund transportation projects. Christie is on his way to making Christine Todd Whitman and Jim McGreevey look like masters of fiscal restraint.

Does this signify that Christie isn’t running for re-election in 2013? Here’s the storyline: Christie declares “mission accomplished” and bows out. The next Governor (likely a Democrat) is left to deal with the bill that comes due and Christie’s minions and Christie himself spin it as his or her fault for not following the Christie course. Meanwhile, Christie runs a morning show on Fox News and prepares to run in 2016.

What’s the alternative? The bill might not come due soon enough to hurt Christie in 2013. But there’s a real risk that it becomes a total mess soon after – and one he can’t spin away on the Democrats in the Legislature, while unemployment in NJ remains higher than surrounding states and the Governor’s big money in Xanadu goes bust. Even conservative columnists start turning on Christie.

Of course, it doesn’t necessarily have to happen that way. But there’s significant risk there. Maybe enough so that Christie doesn’t run for re-election.

It’s all speculation at this point – and we probably won’t really know anything until after November. And I could very easily see Christie gambling on a triumphant second term buoyed by a national economic comeback that helps fill the budget holes. We shall see.

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  1. deciminyan

    Another possibility is, God forbid, Mitt Romney defeats Barack Obama, This locks Christie out of the presidency until 2020 – an eternity in politics. Christie gets appointed as Attorney General and serves in the fine tradition of John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzalez.

  2. True Sue

    happens in Wis. If walker wins ,it signals a swing in the thinking of the country Walker & Christie are on the same page CC went out to campaign for Walker ..If Romney believes Christie can bring that much  to his ticket then CC will be his choice for VP  .At least to me it all hinges on June 7 Walker vote …Christie put a lot on the line here bucking heads with the union it’s a big showdown for both .


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