Dial Up the Bombast: Your Tax Dollars at Work

More tough talk. More bluster. This little slice of video, paid for with your tax dollars, but pitched to increase your governor’s profile, isn’t marked as to time and place but it looks like the NJ Alliance for Action’s Transportation Conference where he spoke this morning. Christie wants you to frame Lou Greenwald and Paul Sarlo, Assembly Majority Leader and Senate Budget chair respectively, as the “representatives of Washington, D.C. politics in Trenton”[snip] They want to be obstructionists, they want to be pessimists, they want to talk down our state. I’m not going to let them do it. [snip] I’m not going to let them talk down the comeback the state’s in the middle of.”

This is just more of what we’ve already had from Christie, who talks about Washington politics as though obstruction isn’t the middle name of his GOP brethren in the House, as though he can make it be because he says it.  And who can’t really answer the questions of the Greenwalds and Sarlos of NJ’s legislative branch. So he just dials up the bombast.

Watch the video, and then for a more adult and reality-based antidote, read the statement from New Jersey Policy Perspective’s new president – both after the jump.

For a dose of something more reasonable, less simplistic, less reliant on empty NJ exceptionalism, and considerably more adult, here is Gordon MacInnes’ statement about the Treasurer’s testimony today before Assembly Budget:

“New Jersey earned the third lowest credit rating in the nation by relying on accounting gimmicks, borrowing for operations, and one-shot revenues. We were told that those days were over; that the state had made a “Comeback.” Today the treasurer outlined the administration’s response to disappointing revenues and continued high unemployment: accounting gimmicks, borrowing for operations, and one-shot revenues. Forceful leadership would put the fiscal house in order before pursuing politically appealing tax cuts. We should hope that the legislature will provide that leadership. It’s our only hope.”

                                – Gordon MacInnis, President

                                        New Jersey Policy Perspective

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