About that so called “comeback”

Bill Orr has written a few real good diaries (here, here, here) about how the Jersey Comeback is really a Jersey Blowback for taxpayers.  

A few pieces out this weekend add more fuel to the fire.  First, Paul Krugram had this great graph comparing employment with New Jersey’s neighbors, PA & NY:

Krugman said he’s not sure exactly why NJ is lagging so far behind, but  predicted how Christie would respond to that chart:

Of course, his response to this chart would probably be to yell insults at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

He’s probably right, but the Auditor contrasted the comeback rhetoric of how the state is doing so great we can give a 10% income tax cut, with the debate this past week over raising the minimum wage in New Jersey:

But when the conversation turns to raising the state’s minimum wage, as Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver (D-Essex) is proposing, Republicans see nothing but dark clouds on the horizon.

In a floor speech before the Assembly voted to raise the wage floor on Thursday, Assemblyman Greg McGuckin (R-Ocean) called it “the worst economy I have seen in my lifetime.”

Assemblyman Chris J. Brown (R-Burlington) warned that “we’re still fighting through so many different aspects – we’re fighting with what’s going on in Europe right now.”

And Assemblyman Sean Kean (R-Monmouth) said the last time he voted to raise the minimum wage, in 2005, the economy was “humming” and “booming.”

“Here we are, seven years later, and the opposite is happening,” he said. “The economy is struggling.”

Well what the hell is it, the worst economy of a lifetime? One that’s struggling? Or the nonsense Christie keeps spouting to justify a tax cut we clearly can’t afford in year one and definitely can’t afford in the outer years. About that so-called comeback?  

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  1. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Hard to see him biting his tongue.


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