A sore note in the 5th

I understand that when an anomaly runs for the nomination as a Democrat, it is easy to dismiss them. After all, we hope that any candidate who runs as a Democrat is genuinely a Democrat. This is probably what led Bill Orr to exclude Diane Sare from his round up of the NJ5 democratic primary. But was this too hasty? (On a personal note, I support Jason Castle in this race)

Diane is a Larouche Democrat. As a Democrat, I find many of her political positions “nauseating.” The pictures she and her supporters carry around of President Obama with a Hitler mustache are appalling. Plus she does not have the Democratic line in any of the Districts four counties.

Nonetheless, as reported by the press, at both debates her supporters have far outnumbered other attendees. According to the Lehigh Valley News in the second debate, in which more than 100 people showed up, there were more than fifty attendees in Diane Sare t-shirts.

To add to this, she has outspent her two Democratic rivals. To date, the FEC shows that she has raised close to $30,000 and spent nearly $25,000. Jason has raised and spent less than half of that, and Gussen is at $0.

So my warning is this: while it remains highly unlikely that Diane Sare is the nominee in November, she cant be dismissed. If primary campaigns are about enthusiasm and resources, then she can rightly claim a lead in both areas. Maybe it says more about a slow start by the other two candidates, but we should easily outpace a fringe candidate.

My advice, donate and volunteer and get involved today!  

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  1. Bill Orr

    A blog is hybrid creatures that I’m still getting used to. It’s part facts, part opinion and part discretion. The facts have to be accurate and the opinions enliven the diary. Some  newspaper writers feel they have to mention all candidates in a race, but in a blog there may be more discretion. I have mentioned Diane Sare in previous diaries, but in this one I was concentrating on those who I thought were serious contenders with a likelihood of being elected. You are right that Sare is outspending her competitors and has a loyal, vociferous following, and somewhat like Ron Paul she is doing well. But I don’t think well enough.

    By not mentioning a candidate, I mean no disrespect. If a person files and is adjudged by the authorities a candidate, then the person IS a candidate. However, that does not mean I must mention him or her in every diary about the race. Space and readers’ patience with a lot of verbiage are limited. In the 5th CD I mentioned Republican candidate Garrett but not the other two Republicans in the contest. In the 10th CD there are six Democratic candidates, but I mentioned only three by name. Hey, my judgment regarding Sare may be faulty, but that is part of the blogging experience.  

  2. carolh

    equivalency that the media is so quilty of these days. Anyone listening to Sare for TWO seconds will come to the same conclusion I did.  The woman has fluent aphasia.  The words are in complete sentences but the meaning is pure un-adulerated crazy.  Read this position paper by the LaRouche nuts and you know pretty much all you need to know about Sare.  Especially note how it begins:  

    “Upon the removal of Barack Obama from the presidency of the United States, and the implementation of a Glass-Steagall reorganization of our banking system, the economic recovery of the United States can begin with the immediate launching of the North American Water and Power Alliance.”

    http://larouchepac.com/node/15375  The NAWPA that Sare spouts off about ad nauseum is a hare-brained scheme devised decades ago to bring water from Alaska and Canada down here to the lower 49 – ’cause, ya know, in NJ we don’t have enough stormwater runoff.  Like I said – CRAZY.  She doesn’t believe in Climate change – cause she thinks it is a CONSPIRACY (isn’t that just so LaRouche?) to prevent 3rd world countries from catching up with us.  Any NJ voter in Bergen County after last year’s floods, won’t just NOT vote for Sare, they’ll probably put in a call to the Paddy Wagon at Bergen Pines after she and her minions leave their doorstep….

  3. carolh

    Which means everyone else will soon know her positions are completely nuts.  She has to spend more  – those folks are pretty prolific with the words they use to spread their unique brand of crazy.  It just means MORE folks will know she is not a credible candidate. I doubt folks will stay home when they actually have a choice between two CREDIBLE candidates.  Treating her with respect when she is calling for Obama’s impeachment while running for office as a Democrat is something I just don’t have the stomach to do and  I don’t blame Bill for not wishing to give her any more ink.

  4. carolh

    your position very well.  I have no problem with that.  After having spoken one on one with her and met her wide-eyed but completely vacant supporters (nobody home in there), I get a visceral reaction just to the mention of her name.  

  5. Erik Preuss

    That seems like an inordinately low number of dollars raised by all of the candidates.  

  6. Nick Lento


    We need to pay attention to this pathological  phenomenon and to find ways to inoculate ourselves, friends, families, fellow citizens and especially our children against it.  But we don’t have to treat them as legitimate competitors….primary turnouts are low, but if they get so low that a few hundred  votes from a cult can win, then we are truly screwed.



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