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I’ve got to give Scott Garrett credit.  He’ll meet with any group no matter how much damage he’s done to the issues they care about and try to convince them that he’s worthy of their votes in November.

I saw the following blurb while scanning through The Paramus Post:

Residents, staff and guests of The Atrium Assisted Living at The Allendale Community for Mature Living recently voiced their questions to U.S. Congressman Scott Garrett during a Town Hall-style meeting at the senior living residence. Congressman Garrett described his role in Congress and answered attendees’ questions about social security, Medicare and the upcoming presidential election. Pictured with Congressman Garrett (second from left) at the event are (L-R) Allendale Mayor Vince Barra and The Allendale Community’s Jolanta Giancarlo, Vice President, and Dr. Hector Giancarlo, President and Founder.

The senior residence regularly hosts cultural, educational and social events, as well as interactive discussions with elected officials to encourage its senior residents and older adults to address matters that are of concern to them. For more information on upcoming events open to the public, call (201) 818-7979.

In just the current session of Congress alone, Scott Garrett has cast at least three votes which demonstrate he has no concern for senior citizens.

On May 10th, Scott Garrett voted in favor of legislation to replace automatic cuts in defense spending that would begin next year (as a result of the deal reached between Congressional Republicans and the Administration to raise the debt ceiling) with cutting $83 billion in federal retirement benefits, capping medical malpractice lawsuits to save $49 billion, slashing about $48 billion from Medicaid programs and reducing food aid by more than $36 billion.  This wasn’t some meaningless vote in committee.  This legislation actually passed the Republican controlled House of Representatives.

In March of this year Scott Garrett not only voted in favor of the Ryan Budget, but he proposed and got Congress to vote on his own budget which slashed even more spending from social safety net programs.  Remember that as part of the Ryan Plan, Medicare would be replaced with a voucher system.  The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that even in the first year of enactment, the legislation would cost seniors an additional $6,000 over the existing Medicare program and would become more expensive over time as the value of the voucher would not keep up with the increasing cost of buying private health insurance.  Scott Garrett supports cutting governmental costs and passing them on to America’s senior citizens.

Not a single senior citizen should be voting for Scott Garrett.  However I fear many will.  Democrats in the 5th Congressional District are allowing Scott Garrett to shape the narrative.  I implore the Democrats vying to challenge Scott Garrett in the fall to use the phone number above and schedule a Town Hall meeting of their own at The Allendale Community for Mature Living before June 5th.  These are the people the Democratic Party has always fought to protect.  These are the people who vote in higher percentages than any other demographic in the country.  These are the people who are being visited by Scott Garrett.  These are the people Democrats cannot afford to ignore.

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  1. reefdancer

    The guy who runs the Paramus Post is a lazy slob who simply takes press releases verbatim and slaps his byline on them.

  2. reefdancer

    In any case, it’s just pr garbage disguised as news so the guy can sell ad space

  3. War Horse (Post author)

    how it got into the paper.  What bothers me is that he goes to retirement communities, asks and gets their votes even though he has a horrible record when it comes to issues that impact seniors.


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