Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for April 7-8, 2012

Who’s your pick for the next governor?

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    Public-records proposal would bar officials from texting each other during meetings

  • An upgrade of OPRA & OPMA for the smartphone and digital age includes a provision that would bar  town council members from texting each other during meetings, but wouldn’t extend that ban to legislators.
  • Should municipal council members be able to text in meetings? Weigh in.

    Price tag to residents for Newark police OT at Whitney Houston’s funeral?

  • $187,000.

    Local fight against Tikun Olam charter school in Highland Park

  • A real victory for parents against reforminess.

    PolitickerNJ might not be covering ALEC encroachment in NJ

  • but here’s AlJazeera’s take on why ALEC is important.

    Christie’s Israel trip

  • The mideast Christie never saw.
  • The elite slice of New Jersey, tagging along with Christie.
  • Lower-profile “personal, family trip” to Jordan.

    Angry phone calls – Sweeney & Lautenberg

  • If the Rutgers-Rowan merger is such a good idea, beneficial to NJ higher ed, why do its Norcross-friendly advocates freak out so much when there are questions? (Stile)
  • University merger lacking consensus but Norcross is ignoring that, applauding Christie for “forcing the question.”

    Rove clams up on Christie

  • The obvious question somebody asked Karl Rove when he was in NJ last week, and the artful dodge they got.


  • A new day for the boardwalk’s rolling chairs in AC.
  • Shore towns and beach access– what are your chances of getting to the beach?
  • The case for closing Hagedorn seems to include its ‘large unionized staff’ and the lack of funds for more localized residence.
  • How PACs are skirting the law on pay-to-play.
  • Union County budget calls for 4.2% tax increase.

    Solar panels, or trees?

  • A green debate grows in Moonachie.


  • Camden County petition filing shenanigans, the big number Menendez filed with, and more from the Auditor.

    Additional Assorted Christie

  • Tom Moran looks at the Gov, and sees pragmatic centrist.
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    1. Bertin Lefkovic

      It is interesting that firstamend07 started using this name before any of us came up with it.  It is even better than Norcrossippi.  I wonder what Little George called his sled.

      If there are any creative/theatrical types here, I think that we could have a lot of fun writing a stage play remake of Citizen Kane based on the life of George Norcross, performing it at Rutgers-Camden, and using it to raise money for the Rut-Ro opposition effort.


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