TGIF News Roundup & Open Thread for April 6, 2012

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Is Christie a birther like Bucco?

  • Surprise! The NJ Assembly has a birther! And he’s Christie’s Assemblyman …

  • Bucco doubts President Obama’s citizenship.

  • Bucco: “interesting points” in argument Obama’s not eligible to be president.

    6 Degrees of Separation

  • Chris “Who’s ALEC” Christie and ALEC. Now with new floating Christie head!

    Yo, Politicker ….

  • Are you missing something?

    Newark mosque uses NYPD Muslim surveillance in ad

  • “We have nothing to hide. Our doors are open” proclaims the ad in yesterday’s Ledger, aiming for a more realistic view of the Muslim community.

    Gloucester City: Largest rooftop solar project of its kind in America

  • Covering 1.1 million square feet of rooftop at the Gloucester Marine Terminal, generating enough power for 1,500 homes, qualifies for an $11M federal tax break.

    Cory Booker, no Springsteen tix for you

  • Newark mayor’s dispute with Devils managing partner may keep him out of the Prudential Center. Unless …. maybe Springsteen offers tix?

    Christie’s Israel trip

  • Christie meets with God to compare notes.
  • Pix & video from Israel.

    This is fiscal responsibility?

  • Columbia Journalism Review looks at yesterday’s piece in the Times by Charles Bagli, on Christie’s record $1.57 billion in tax breaks to corporations for promises of jobs, just for short moves inside Jersey. Subsidies that don’t go away when jobs don’t materialize.

  • Here’s the Times piece again: Christie Leaning on Tax Subsidies in Hunt for Jobs.


  • CD10: Former West Orange Mayor and current LD-27 Assemblyman John McKeon endorses Newark Councilman Ronald Rice for Congress.

    There’s more below the fold: Christie’s ‘asset monetization’ moment, Scott Garrett at the White House, New Jerseyans finding Christie “arrogant” more, driving less and less, NJ public colleges inflating SAT scores, and more.

    Christie’s ‘asset monetization’ moment in Camden

  • There’s now another way to say “asset monetization.” New Rowan University. Rather than a phoenix rising, these three words are an albatross hanging on the neck of Governor Christie. (Doblin)

    Scott Garrett at the White House

  • President signs bill originating in Garrett’s subcommittee. Garrett afterward paints Obama as bad for business.

    Additional Assorted Christie

  • More people describing the Gov as arrogant but he also gets props for “strong leader” and “smart”.
  • Romney’s Top 5 VP picks.

    Jerseynomics & Government Transparency

  • Road Warrior: We’re driving much less.
  • South Jersey firms lead pack in political donations.

  • Huge PAC donations to Dems pollute Middlesex pay-to-play initiatives.

  • On the other hand …

    NJ colleges inflating their SAT scores

  • Following the revelation that Rowan University misrepresented its SAT scores in the midst of a political battle to dramatically expand the school, a Record analysis shows that 3 other state schools have inflated SAT results – Ramapo College of New Jersey, New Jersey City University and William Paterson University.

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    1. zi985

      I’m placing my bets that Senator Rob Portman of Ohio will be chosen as Mitt Romney’s eventual running mate come August.  Here’s a good article from The Atlantic explaining why:

    2. zi985

      I’m happy to see Assemblyman John McKeon’s endorsement yesterday of Ronald C. Rice for Congress.  Unfortunately, the Assemblyman lives in the 11th Congressional District part of West Orange but perhaps his endorsement could help Ron Rice get votes in the eastern part of West Orange (in the new 10th Congressional District) as well as South Orange and Maplewood which he represents in the State Assembly and are part of the 10th Congressional District.  Also, why did Assemblyman John McKeon, Assemblyman Ralph Caputo (D-28) who lives in Nutley, and Senator Dick Codey (D-27) who lives in Roseland all decide not to run against Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen?  I can understand why Codey wouldn’t since he might run for Governor but since McKeon and Caputo both live in the new 11th Congressional District it would have been nice to see one of them challenge Frelinghuysen like how Chivukula is challenging Lance in NJ-7.

    3. zi985

      If Pascrell loses the primary against Rothman in June what do you think the chances are that he’d run in the Democratic primary for Governor in June 2013 or the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate in June 2014 if Lautenberg (who would be 90 years old at that point) decides to retire?


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