Questions for the Acting Education Commissioner

Yesterday, I posted the opening remarks delivered by Acting Education Commissioner Christopher Cerf at the Assembly Budget Committee.

Following his remarks, there were several hours of questions and answers. The videos posted here are in two parts – the morning session below, and the afternoon session below the fold.

I don’t expect anyone except the most fervent edunerds (thanks for the term, Rosi) to watch the whole thing, but below the fold is an index of the initial appearance of your favorite assemblycritters.

The discussion falls into three categories:

  • Political posturing

  • Kowtowing to special interests

  • Dealing with local constituent issues

There was no real discussion on the merits (or otherwise) of charter schools, funding religious schools, or the education-industrial complex. To be fair, this was a budget hearing, not a hearing of the Education Committee. But things like sending taxpayer dollars to unaccountable for-profit entities and religious institutions do have an impact on the budget, especially when the outcomes are so nebulous.

Time of appearance in video 1:

Prieto – 00:00:04

Burzichelli – 00:32:58

O’Scanlon – 00:58:51

Schaer – 01:09:00

Watson-Coleman – 01:38:04

Time of appearance in video 2:

Chiusano – 00:00:08

Coutinho – 00:27:14

Bucco – 01:01:24

Johnson – 01:06:27

Webber – 01:23:56

Wimberly – 01:36:20

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