News Roundup & Open Thread: Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Christie’s Fun Day with Mr. Bush and Mr. Rove

  • Christie, speaking at a conference put on by President Bush on how to address America’s tax and spending issues (which must have George Orwell rolling over in his grave), says our country is turning into “a bunch of people sitting on a couch waiting for a government check.”
  • Dems respond: “The only people sitting around on the couch enjoying life these days are the millionaires who have been coddled by Gov. Christie. Everyone else is working as hard as they can to pay for the net 20 percent property tax hike they’ve endured under this governor.”
  • Blue Jersey reacts.

    ARC Tunnel fallout

  • When it becomes apparent that Christie made up numbers to justify a political decision, what happens next?
  • Ledger: we need a solution to this.
  • Stile: Christie needs to bridge a credibility gap.
  • Truthiness.

    New Rutgers President named

  • It’s Robert L. Barchi, current president of Thomas Jefferson University in Philly. And his appointment leaked out in a weird way.
  • He will have a lot on his plate, including the Rutgers-Rowan merger, which has been the subject of a series of “secret talks” among Dems and Rutgers.

    Education “reform”

  • Christie: more money’s good for my kid, but not for yours.

    Sen. Menendez names new statewide director

  • Congrats to Karen Elkis, who replaces the departing Mike Soliman who is running Menendez’s re-election campaign.

    Healthcare changing in NJ

  • No matter what the Supreme Court decides, changes could be here to stay.

    Fire in the Pines

  • An important part of the forest’s natural life cycle. But tell that to the people who almost lost their homes – but were saved thanks to the quick work of some outstanding firefighters. Governor, care to criticize these public workers today?

    Goodbye, Rick Santorum

  • And onwards towards the general election.
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    1. zi985

      The Franklin Township Council (Somerset County) passed a resolution last night calling for the overturning of the Citizens United decision via Constitutional amendment and an end to corporate personhood.  The 8 Democratic members of the Council voted for it while the Republican mayor (Brian Levine) voted against it.

    2. zi985

      I just discovered that U.S. Representative Rush Holt (NJ-12) has finally joined the Congressional Progressive Caucus!  For whatever reason, Holt was always only a member of the moderate New Democrat Coalition (of which he is still a member) but very recently he joined the Congressional Progressive Caucus as its newest member alongside NJ Congressman Frank Pallone (NJ-6).


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