News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Procession through the streets of Waldwick for fallen Marine

  • The body of Marine Staff Sgt. Joseph D’Augustine, killed in Afghanistan last week in his 2nd tour in that country after serving 2 tours in Iraq, will be returned to his hometown today, with local people standing in his honor along the route his body will take home. He was 29.

    Do you live in one of these towns?

  • If you do, the police might be tracking your cell phone without a warrant.

    The Fox Now Brings You News of the Henhouse

  • Philadelphia Media Network – that’s Philadelphia Inquirer, The Daily News and – is now owned by George E. Norcross III and his investors. Can you buy your own version of the news for $55 million?
  • Managing partners: Norcross & Lewis Katz, who agreed to sign a pledge, drafted by newsroom leaders – not to interfere with the editorial operations of the three media outlets, following widespread outrage about the sale from newsrooms across the country.

    ALEC in NewJerseyLand

  • “Who’s ALEC?” Shhhh….Governor wants us to think he doesn’t know.

  • Smart ALEC: Christie doesn’t know about ALEC? Really? What other things that Christie knows about that where he claims he’s in the dark?
  • “Completely ridiculous” – That’s how Christie responds to Salvadore Rizzo’s great ALEC investigative piece for Star-Ledger.

    Memo to Steve Sweeney & the Norcross brotherhood:

  • Doesn’t matter how many poison darts you aim at Frank Lautenberg. 59% of NJ voters oppose the Rut-Ro merger.

  • “Secret” memo “shows that the fix was in long before the (Rut-Ro) merger was even presented to the public, says Sen. Frank Lautenberg about a widely-leaked document of preposterous propaganda. The bloodletting between U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg and South Jersey party boss George Norcross: just a big-tent squabble, or something bigger? (Stile)

    Primary Battles Expose Rift Among NJ Democrats

  • North Jersey features two close contests after redistricting, death. Rifts between Dems? Whatever could they be talking about …?
  • The petitions are filed: Rothman v. Pascrell is ON. (as is Pascrell v. Rothman).


  • “The most exciting freeholder race Morris County has had in 150 years”: Meet the players.

  • Nia Gill picks up an endorsement from her Senate colleague, Sandra Cunningham.


  • A 10-min tutorial on health care in NJ & USA, with Herb Conaway. (video)

  • Democrats urged Gov. Christie’s administration during a committee hearing to give more money to municipalities from taxes levied against energy companies.


  • Know that $25 gift card you got from your Uncle Paul for dinner at Olive Garden? Spend that bad boy. (this may not go well)

  • AMEX gift cards: We are outta here, baby!

    Christie treated like a rock star in Israel

  • Of course. (video)
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    1. zi985

      According to the NJ Spotlight article only Smith, Payne, and Rice sent in petitions to run in the special primary election in June for the 10th Confressional District.  Why did Nia Gill not do so?

    2. 12mileseastofTrenton

      So much for the north-south divide myth being promulgated by Christie, Sweeney and Norcross.

    3. zi985
    4. 12mileseastofTrenton

      The “pledge” is garbage.  Rupert Murdoch used to make those pledges, and then break them with impunity.

      It will be up to New Jersey papers to shine a light on Boss Norcorss’s corruption.

    5. Bertin Lefkovic

      I get scolded for calling South Jersey “Norcrossippi”, but it is OK to euphemize the Norcross political machine with a Wahhabi name?  How is that fair?


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