News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, April 26, 2012

You might live longer if you stay in Jersey. Cheers!

“Whatever it takes”

  • Bob Braun on what Finland, the world’s soaring education system, is doing that New Jersey won’t.

    3 competing tax plans, championed by Christie, Sweeney, Greenwald

  • Star-Ledger calls on Christie to debate accept Greenwald’s debate challenge – as he said he would.

    Philly Inquirer backs Assembly’s 20% property tax reduction plan over the Senate’s and over Christie’s income tax cut scheme.

  • Greenwald talks prop tax reduction with AARP.
  • Sweeney: Millionaire’s tax would be hopelessly political.

    “Magic credit cards” & unethical spending of campaign funds

  • Come on, Democrats, we’re reading Joe DiVincenzo & Rob Andrews as this year’s most egregious abusers. Get behind an accountability movement.


  • CD9: Bill Clinton has been rewarding his wife’s ’08 allies and punishing her enemies. Will he jump into the CD9 fight for Pascrell against Barack Obama’s state chair?

  • Mitt Romney in NJ raises $400k for Kyrillos as favor to Christie then piggybacks a fundraiser for himself hosted by hedge fund billionaire David Tepper, the money behind B4K, the corporate school “reform” group.

  • That fundraiser for Romney was high-dollar:$50k/plate.
  • CD5: At Bergen Grassroots, Jason Castle debates LaRouche candidate Diane Sare, with the other Dem Adam Gussen a no-show.

    Rep. Donald Payne honored by the House

  • House members gathered for a ceremony to remember the long-time CD10 congressman.

    Perth Amboy puts superintendent Caffrey on paid leave

  • Vote was by 4 of the 9 school board members; 5 abstained. Cheers broke out in the audience of 400, about half were district employees. Caffrey “lost the trust and confidence” of the staff, said the local teachers union president.


  • Have you been cheating on your tolls?
  • Education Law Center is suing the state Dept. of Education , accusing the Christie administration failing to approve/disapprove requests made by 31 of the state’s neediest districts, preventing leaky roofs, broken heating systems and crumbling brick facades from ever being fixed (though you won’t get that from the article, which uses only ELC’s initials, and only in the last line of the post).
  • Faculty from across New Jersey’s state college campuses protest as tensions with Gov. Christie continue to grow over proposals to freeze professors’ pay and cut benefits.
  • NJ students hoping, praying for relief from soaring college loan rates.
  • NJ Dems rip proposed Rutgers-Rowan merger.
  • Camden: Courier Post cheers the hidden cameras that may catch people using the city as dumping ground, and costing a fortune.
  • Will Christie conditionally veto the health insurance exchange bill?

    Does this look like a Democrat to you?

  • Tom Moran fails to grasp the nature of New Jersey’s corporate school “reformers”.
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    1. denniscmcgrath

      Since I can’t comment directly on a Quick Take, let me throw this in here for what it’s worth.

      Charles Webb, the author of The Graduate and Marriage of a Young Stockbroker, lived on and managed that nudist colony for many years.

      Somewhere on the web there is a lengthy profile of Webb from the time just before he and his wife ‘Fred’ (that’s her chosen name) decamped that address, but I haven’t found it yet. Last I recall the wife had passed and Webb was living more or less on the dole in Britian.

    2. brendanod

      charged with accepting $12k bribe.

      The irony is this arrest comes on the heals of State Comptroller Boxer’s report on the recommendation that all public sector should be in the SHBP


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