More Christie Connections to ALEC

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Remember, the Governor doesn’t know who ALEC is and doesn’t know anything about them.  Except for lots of people he’s friends with do. Not only are Jay Webber (Fmr. Republican Party Chair) and Senator Steve Oroho the New Jersey co-chairs, but surprise there’s more:

Documents provided through open-public-records requests showed that Christie advisers occasionally consult ALEC on other issues. Richard Bagger, the governor’s former chief of staff, was a member of ALEC’s board of directors representing Pfizer in the early 2000s. Christie said Bagger never brought up ALEC during his two years as chief of staff.

So now on top of two Republican Legislators serving as co-chairs, the Governor’s right hand man for the first two years of his administration and longtime friend was a board member. Yet the Governor still wants you to believe he knows nothing about this group that magically has it’s bills passing the Legislature, many of which are signature Christie issues. And of course, when the media asks for proof there are no connections, they get this:

The newspaper found that at least three education reform bills backed by the governor, one executive order and one agency rule accomplish the same goals set out by ALEC, with nearly identical passages in eight instances. The newspaper did not say how the ALEC bills got to New Jersey. Christie’s office would not name the policy advisers who wrote the bills and did not make them available for interviews.

Must be more of that Christie transparency. Keep digging Governor. We believe you, really we do.

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