Don Norcross Again States Support of Rutgers Camden

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This past weekend Sen. Donald Norcross spoke to students who have been admitted to Rutgers Camden for next fall.  He again reiterated his support for the campus, and for keeping it part of Rutgers University.  There was no mention of any merger with Rowan University.  He has posted video of his remarks (5 minutes long) on YouTube.  The specific comments about the campus staying part of Rutgers is near the end.

This evening Sen. Norcross spoke to a group of alumni this evening and made similar remarks, even putting on a “Save Rutgers Camden” t-shirt.  No video available of that so far.  

It will be very interesting to see what, if any, legislation is developed regarding the restructuring of higher education in the state, especially in reference to UMDNJ and Rutgers.    

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  1. zi985

    I really wonder how old brother George feels about Donald’s recent comments in favor of saving Rutgers-Camden?  It’s not very often that one gets to see an intra-family political fight over an issue as big as this one.  It seems like King George can’t keep everyone in line in South Jersey…


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