Deep Thought: Slipping From Print

Man alive, the “Who’s ALEC?” story was everywhere this week! The in-depth piece by Sal Rizzo of the Star Ledger, which brought this story to the fore, ignited coverage across the state and country:

The New York Times – ALEC and Old Yeller

The Atlanta Journal Constitution – ALEC’s Secret Influence on State Laws, Legislators

Think Progress – Christie’s Education Bills Bear Striking Resemblance To ALEC Models

Working America – ALEC Influence Over New Jersey Lawmakers Exposed in Star Ledger Report

Governors Journal – Christie Accuses Press

Jersey Jazzman – Smart ALEC in New Jersey

Even Wall Street Journal reporter Lisa Fleisher tweeted her incredulity at Christie’s claim of ignorance, then pushed back when the governor tried to accuse her of fostering a conspiracy theory.

You know who didn’t cover a lick of this, not even behind their paywall? Why wouldn’t the “virtual watercooler for the state’s political elite… a necessary daily stop for politically-minded web surfers” have even a blurb… a tweet… a pixel about this?


(Note: Our coverage of this story can be found here.)

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