Deep Thought: Ready Or Not?

Not long ago, Governor Christie told ABC News:

I don’t feel ready in my heart to be president.

But here he is again, saying that if Mittens wants to talk veeps, Christie will listen:

If Governor Romney comes to me and wants to talk about it, I’ll always listen.

So which is it? Is he suddenly ready for all of that responsibility should something happen to the President? Or is he still not ready?

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  1. Progressif

    The first quote is from September 26, 2011 about president. The second is from more than six months later today about VP.

    “Mittens”? What is this, third grade?

    I really am embarrassed at some of the comments Blue Jersey chooses to highlight, especially this guy and union shill Jazzman.

    Progressives in New Jersey need to raise the level of debate. Most of the jabber from these two would be considered bullying in NJ schools.

    We are the frontline to bring a new generation of progressives along in NJ. What do they think when they see this? What do our children think? This is “progressive”?

    Why can’t we win on issues rather than kindergarten snarkiness? A little maturity please?

  2. JeffO Teaneck

    is what Christie said when he finally, finally announced he wouldn’t run in the primaries:

    “I will not abandon my commitment to New Jersey…”

    And also at the same press conference:

    “I’ve made this commitment to my state. I’m just not prepared to walk away. Not everyone agrees with my decision, but my loyalty to my state is what it is.”

    Whether or not Christie considers himself ready to be president (but would agree to be vice president and what, cross his fingers?) these statements should inescapably apply to the current possibility of being Romney’s running mate. Of course, we all know that anything Christie says only applies to the moment in which he says it. Sincerity and truthfulness are not what this guy is all about.


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