Christie’s shifting ALEC explanations

Examining the believability of Gov. Christie’s ALEC statement.  – promoted by Rosi

Chris Christie isn’t even in the country, yet his story about his knowledge (or lack there of as he’d have you believe) about ALEC, a conservative organization that writes legislation for Republicans continues to shift. First we got this response from his press secretary in the initial Sunday story:

“The governor said to me, ‘Who’s ALEC?’

Sure, I believe that and so did everyone else who was looking to buy bridges. But that story didn’t even last a day after reporters started questioning Christie’s stunning lack of knowledge of the group. In typical Christie style, the next day the Governor lashed out over the story calling it “completely ridiculous:”

“I don’t even know these people, and I’ve never had any interaction with them,”

Ok, so it’s not that he doesn’t know who the group is anymore, it’s just that he doesn’t know the people and hasn’t any interactions with them. Except for the fact that his former Chief of Staff Rich Bagger occasionally consulted for ALEC and was on their board, while Assemblyman (and former state GOP chair) Jay Webber and Senator Steve Oroho are their State Chairs.  Maybe the Governor never speaks to any of those people? But Christie also added a note which undermines his lack of knowledge of who they are:

He noted that he’s been invited to speak at the group’s conferences twice but has declined.

So he’s knows he’s been invited to a group twice that he doesn’t know exists or anyone with it?  And lets not forget this additional information thats some of Christie’s closest confidants helped with a Seminar just down the street from the State House only months ago:

E-mails and other records obtained by The Star-Ledger show that Christie’s then-chief of staff and former health commissioner were involved in an ALEC policy seminar in Trenton in December. Legislative liaisons inside the governor’s office have mined ALEC for advice on budgetary matters, Medicaid changes and privatizing government services, according to e-mail records, beginning in the earliest days of Christie’s governorship and as recently as December.

I wonder if that’s one of the invitiations he declined to the group he knows nothing of. Well which is it Governor? Do you not have a clue who they are, have never talked to any of their people or are some of your closets advisors consulting with and participating in activities for ALEC, while you’re turning down invitations yourself?

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