Chris Christie Is Truthiness

If there is one word that defines Chris Christie, it is truthiness. In the words of Stephen Colbert:

Well, anybody who knows me knows that I am no fan of dictionaries or reference books. They’re elitist. Constantly telling us what is or isn’t true, what did or didn’t happen.

Who’s Britannica to tell me the Panama Canal was finished in 1914? If I want to say it happened in 1941, that’s my right.

Chris Christie’s philosophy exactly.

The elitist truth says that New Jersey would have only paid 14.4 percent of the cost of the ARC Tunnel, based on some actual numbers and stuff, while Christie’s truthiness says New Jersey would have paid 70 percent. 70 percent! He said so, so it must be right.

The elitists say that New Jersey won’t experience a miraculous increase in revenue that would be the most optimistic budget forecast of any state. But Christie has the truthiness: these people are off by $537 million, because only Christie knows that there will be an incredible surge in state revenue!

The elitists (in this case Christie’s own education commissioner) say that Christie missed out on $400 million in federal education funding because his administration made a mistake. But Christie has the truthiness: that in fact President Obama was to blame.

Why is this truthiness all ok? More below…

Christie explained to why truthiness is OK earlier today:

Christie referenced the decision while addressing the George W. Bush Institute Conference on Taxes and Economic Growth in New York City this morning.

“I refuse to compromise my principles. So when they want to build a tunnel to the basement of a Macys and stick the New Jersey taxpayers with a bill of $3 to $5 billion over, no matter how much the administration yells and screams, you have to say no,” he said. “You have to look them right in the eye, no matter how much they try to vilify you for it, and you have to say no. You have to be willing to say no to those things that compromise your principles.”

Yes, Governor Christie has it right – we all must stand on principle when totally false numbers conflict with those principles. Stand up for truthiness! And what better place to make that stand than the George W. Bush Institute Conference on Taxes and Economic Growth, speaking with the man who, in all truthiness, delivered the best tax and economic growth policy the nation has ever seen.

The real question is why the media is constantly telling us that we need to respect that Christie is a Remarkable and Very Serious Politician who Finds Common Ground. Is truthiness the new seriousness?

Well, it certainly is remarkable. And it surely expands the potential for finding common ground when there is no constraint based on facts.

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