Are you following @BlueJersey?

UPDATE: 3,003 Twitter followers! Mighty thanks to all our new Twitter followers, all the amazing people who tweeted to their friends to follow @BlueJersey, and even the Tea Party folks who tweeted to follow us. Looks like we might go over 3,000 followers on Twitter today.

Are you following @BlueJersey?

When news is rolling fast, we get some of our best tips via Twitter (thank you, people, you know who you are). And turning it around, we also use Twitter to pump out what we’re working on, what other people are finding out (and saying), to round-up quick opinions among our followers, or just put out a question to see who knows the answer (we follow a lot of awesome people you should consider following).

We also live-Tweet hearings and meetings no longer covered gavel-to-gavel by NJTV (as NJN used to do routinely). Some of those – like marriage equality and budget testimony – are crucial, and we can provide real-time coverage on what’s being said (hard on the typing thumbs, but worth it).

Washington Post named @BlueJersey one of New Jersey’s Best Political Tweeters in New Jersey (along with some of our favorite Jersey smartypants). Fun!

If you’re on Twitter, let us know. We want to follow as many Blue Jerseyans as we can. And we’d love you to follow @BlueJersey too.  

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  1. deciminyan

    We’re just a group of unpaid volunteers, but when we can, we provide gavel-to-gavel archives of some of the really important stuff that’s going on in Trenton like the Kwon confirmation hearings and the Marriage Equality debate”. You can be among the first to find out about these resources by following @bluejersey.

  2. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    Not bad for a Thursday 🙂


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