All Your South Jersey Campus Are Belong To Us

Be sure to read the “secret document” commissioned by Rowan and Cooper Health System, helpfully uploaded to It’s a propadandapalooza!

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Shortly after the proposal to destroy Rutgers-Camden was announced, internet memes dealing with the merger began to pop up,  such as “Keep RU Camden and Carry On” and the Boromir meme.  Several parodies, memes and other forms of internet entertainment have been shared by anti-merger proponents. They are wonderful diversions from the seriousness of the situation. I am impressed with the creativity and talent involved. Had I such creativity and talent, a meme that I have been wanting to parody is the All your base are belong to us.

Now, I get the chance.

Fittingly, on April 1st,  the $30,000 report commissioned by Rowan and Cooper Health System that was mentioned in Bob Braun’s excellent article became available.

The official name of this report, available here is, Establishing the New Rowan University. Upon reading it however, I propose that it should really be called All Your South Jersey Campus Are Belong To Us

There are many things that are upsetting about this report from the fact that the date of completion was the day after Gov. Christie announced the proposal to the public, to it’s dismissive tone of anticipated labor and personnel issues. It is a public relations document that essentially talks about how to dupe the public.

As usual, the Rutgers-Camden community has responded quickly, carefully looking at the report and pointing out the items that must be considered.

Prof. John Wall, Professor and Chair of the Rutgers Camden Department of Philosophy and Religion provides a response, How to Steal a Campus

The main points are:

1. The Rowan administration was working with the Governor and other parties long

before the proposed takeover was made public.

2. Instead of consulting with Rutgers-Camden, the Rowan administration made the

choice to force a hostile takeover through government fiat.

3. The primary motivation behind the takeover is the transfer of Rutgers-Camden assets

to Rowan and Rowan-Cooper.

This report makes it obvious that the “fix was in long before the merger was even presented to the public” to quote Senator Lautenberg’s press release which once again asks for answers to the many questions that remain regarding this hostile takeover.

While waiting for these answers, the Rutgers-Camden community will continue to respond to the New Rowan report in a variety of ways, such as this YouTube video.

Update Here is another response and analysis of the “secret” report by History Professor Emeritus and expert on the city of Camden, Howard Gillette.

So the situation is clear. Instead of pursuing avenues of possible cooperation with Rutgers-Camden, Rowan embraced a high-stakes strategy to assure the aggrandizement of its own status. With its unilateral action, Rowan severely compromised the possibility of partnership and mutual collaboration with Rutgers.  By choosing to wait out the victims of its own hostile action, even as it tries to sell its motives as honorable and informed by good practice, it has tarnished its reputation and greatly diminished its standing

A comment on this article from a Rowan student is one of the few Rowan voices being heard.

Now, it’s all about the money. This has left many students distressed. What’s worse is that we have no power to stop this. Our fate is in the hands of the state legislature, unless Senator Lautenberg can convince the Department of Education to investigate the legality behind this merger in the first place……And let me say that while the Rowan administration is pushing for the merger, the student body wants nothing to do with this

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