Acting Education Commissioner Christopher Cerf

Today’s hearing of the Assembly Budget Committee was a demonstration of how ineffective the Democratic Party has become. The subject was Education and the star witness was Acting Education Commissioner Christopher Cerf.

It seemed to me that the event was, for the most part, a love fest. There was minimal push back from the Democrats on the corporatization of education and the unconstitutional financial support of parochial schools. In fact, Assemblyman Gary Schaer lamented the fact that “only” 1.7% of the almost $8 billion education budget was going to support parochial schools. The Republicans, of course, harped on the fact that poorer districts were getting more money than the rich ones.

But those are my opinions. You can judge for yourself after all of the hearings are posted. For now, watch Cerf’s opening remarks, especially the part where he says that this governor has been the most generous in history in funding for education.

Cerf’s remarks are below. The questions and answers from the panel will be published here within the next 24 hours. I’m sure the education experts on this blog can provide more insightful comments than mine.

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  1. Jersey Jazzman

    This is terrific, D. What’s happening with SFRA and TEACHNJ are the big stories for the next few weeks.

    So thanks for bringing it to us!


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