A Ten Minute Tutorial on Health Care in NJ and the USA

There are few people more qualified to discuss health care than Assemblyman Herb Conaway (D-Burlington). With degrees in both law and medicine, Conaway’s position as the Chair of the Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee is a natural fit.

Conaway’s credentials bely the fact that he’s one of the smartest in the Gang of 120+1 on State Street. Unlike many of his colleagues on both sides of the aisle, he rarely channels his position through a political lens and he explains his positions with well thought-out rationale, not sound bites.

I spoke with Conaway about health care in the state and the nation earlier today in the State House. We talked about his bill to establish health exchanges (now on the Governor’s desk), the shortage of physicians, malpractice reform, upcoming health initiatives, and the upcoming Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act. He also provides some useful advice about how patients can make more informed health decisions.

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  1. zi985

    Assemblyman Conaway lives in Delanco, Burlington County located in the 3rd Congressional District.  He seems like a well-spoke, intelligent politician so why is he not running against Jon Runyan for Congress (or rather, why did he not consider running)?  Also, why did Assemblyman Troy Singleton never seriously consider running against Runyan in the 3rd Congressional District?  I understand that Shelley Adler will be the Democratic candidate in the 3rd District but was there ever a consideration of getting Conaway or Singleton in the race against Runyan?  


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