6 degrees of Christie ALEC Separation

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For someone who has never heard of an organization, Governor Christie sure has a lot of close friends that are connected to it. Lets recap the ties of Christie associates to ALEC, the right wing corporate funded legislation writing group out of Washington:

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Those are just the people we know of, but you have to wonder who else in the Administration knows of ALEC that has been pushing these bills to GOP legislators, as they themselves say is being done.

With all these connections being exposed in New Jersey, we aren’t the only state where there are issues with ALEC. In Wisconsin, an ethics complaint was filed against 43 Republican legislators alleging inappropriate gifts. Let’s not forget, reports say ALEC behind they were also behind the Stand Your Ground law that has made so much news recently in Florida. And on top of that, Coca-Cola pulled its support from ALEC over voter restriction efforts they have been pushing around the country.

Well when you look at that, if I were Christie I might try to get away with saying I don’t know who they are either. The question is, will the New Jersey media?

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  1. sandy23

    We need to reveal to the public what ALEC really is and does.  It is the evil underbelly of so many repressive and antiquated pieces of legislation.  I need some one to shine the light of day on ALEC so they cannot continue to work, quietly underground, to destroy our Democracy.

  2. sayitaintso

    has protested J&J and called for them to quit ALEC.

    Hope they continue that campaign.  It’s starting to look more winnable.

  3. Rosi Efthim

    This gives me the giggles every time I look at it. Well done.  


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