Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for March 9-10, 2012

THIS JUST IN: Harold Camping admits he was wrong about the End of the World … which evidence had already suggested …

Check it out: Several diaries in our Recent Diaries list our right column feature our video coverage by Deciminyan of testimony at last week’s Assembly Budget Committee.

Christie calling a Navy SEAL “idiot” goes national

  • First, here’s the full exchange – from Christie’s microphone.

  • Huffington Post.

  • ABC News

  • CBS Philly.

  • People are making their own videos, answering Christie How dare you disrespect that man like that? He fought wars. What the f*ck have you fought?

    Imagine the howl from the GOP if a Democrat called an Iraq War vet and Navy SEAL an “idiot”

  • So where is GOP reaction, outcry and condemnation when Christie says it?

  • Something is very wrong with Chris Christie.

  • Is it opposite day?

    More Monmouth Musings says Anna Little dropping out of Senate race, considering challenging Pallone

  • Here’s their story. Anna Little’s Senate campaign page is still up, and still soliciting donations for a U.S. Senate run.

    New Jersey, Delaware to Merge

  • In a surprise move today, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced a merger between New Jersey and Delaware. The new state will be called “New Jersey.”

    High court balance tipping toward Christie

  • The power of a governor – this governor – to remake the Supreme Court. Hearings on Kwon and Harris coming soon. (John Schoonejongen)

    Builders. Developers. Environmental regulations in your way?

  • Skip ’em.

    Gut check on the anti-bullying law

  • 6 months in, a survey takes a look at how it’s working.

  • Re-jiggered law gets its first legislative hearing Monday.

  • Was Sen. Barbara Buono bullied off the anti-bullying bill? (The Auditor)

    As talk grows over Payne successor, son stands out

  • His name is already painted on the office door.

    Additional Assorted Christie

  • They love him at the Republican Governors Assn., where they didn’t use to.


  • Analysis: Christie budget would boost state spending by $2.1 billion.
  • Shocking drug scarcity sends patients scrambling for medicine.
  • Efforts grow to employ military veterans.
  • NJ can’t afford tax cuts proposed by either party. (Ledger editorial board)
  • Christie’s radio ads, claiming Steve Sweeney’s agreement on his income tax cut plan, might need a little editing.


  • Poorest schools would be hit hardest by proposed changes in state education funding.
  • Tom Moran makes fun of Newark education advocates, and thinks Superintendent Cami Anderson deserves better.

  • 13 schools, suspected of cheating on state tests, cleared. But 9 more with high erasure levels, referred to Office of Fiscal Accountability for investigation.

  • Star-Ledger likes Sen. Teresa Ruiz’ tenure bill.


  • Booker, Newark city council acting as foes, not teammates. (Joan Whitlow)
  • Is somebody not telling the truth here? NYPD, NJ disagree on knowledge of Muslim operation.
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      But interesting:

      “No More Fukushimas” peace walkers arriving in Weehawken.

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      What a shock.


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