Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for March 3-4, 2012

The line-up: Bring ’em on

  • 8 Democrats who could run against Christie

    Hello, “Wally Edge”. Hello, PolitickerNJ.

  • Ex-blogger is Governor Christie’s eyes and ears inside the Port Authority. Next time you hear Chris Christie express sputtering outrage that he didn’t know what was going on inside Port Authority, don’t believe him.

    DNA test for N.J. babies: Birth of a bad idea

  • Amen to that, sister.


  • McQueeny Regrets He’s Unable to Run Today.

  • McQueeny aborts challenge to Garrett.

  • How to demotivate activists and lose elections.

    A 5th-grader wrote this amazing letter

  • Don’t close Burnet Street School in Newark.

    Additional Assorted Christie

  • Different styles, but Christie’s words are rubbing off on Mitt Romney. What does it say about Romney that he needs so much help?
  • On drug offender plan, Chris Christie shows (again) political prowess. (Tom Moran) Plus, this is simply the right thing to do.
  • Christie’s higher ed aim claim just political spin. (Ledger editorial board)

    Hi, my name is Adam L. I live in Bergen County, and I have a problem.

  • How to demotivate activists and lose elections.

    Camden mourns first black mayor

  • Rest in Peace, Randy Primus.


  • PolitiFact NJ: Chris Christie claims he cut $13 billion in state spending over two years. We don’t often quote Politifact. But this evidence is pretty clear. FALSE.
  • Store feeds Newark’s hunger for jobs and quality food. (Joan Whitlow)

    Spying on NJ Muslims

  • Muslim leaders leave discussion with N.J. AG with no promises of investigation.

    Pascrell calls upon Gov. Christie to reinstate funding for women’s health care

  • Representative Bill Pascrell, Jr. calls upon Gov. Chris Christie to reinstate $7.4M women’s health care services that had been eliminated in the state budget.

    Senatorial courtesy and Supreme Court nominee Phillip Kwon

  • Sen. Cardinale, a loyal Christie footsoldier, finally signs off on Christie’s nominee, who has a complicated family financial history. (Charlie Stile)


  • Low test scores and failure to complete reports leads to charter school closures in Trenton & Pleasantville.
  • Data abuse at DOE.


  • New Jersey declares the red knot an endangered species.

    Legislative Opportunity. WARNING: This post contains math

  • How do you measure an effective legislator?

    Firebombing synagogues

  • Students say Bergen County firebomb suspect hated religions, government.
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