TGIF News Roundup & Open Thread for March 2, 2012

5:30-9am: Morning Joe in Fort Lee this morning for ed reform town hall

  • Live from Fort Lee High School beginning 5:30am, with Gov. Christie and governors Jack Markell (Delaware) , Dannel Malloy (Connecticut) and the ubiquitous Michelle Rhee.

  • Once again, NBC ignores teachers.
  • Well, here’s something they can talk about in Fort Lee: Dr. Ray Bandlow was National School Administrator of the Year in 2008. But when Bandlow left the district 16 weeks ago, he said: “the climate in New Jersey for school superintendents and public school employees is not a very positive one right now.” Now, Fort Lee’s super-shopping.

    Newark Mayor Cory Booker: State of the City Address

  • Mayor’s harsh words for city council send 2 council members out the door in protest, as across the street demonstrators rally against city school closings.
  • Booker at crossroads.
  • Council members Crump & Baraka walk out.

    Christie is outta here tonight

  • In Cleveland to shore up Romney’s saggy numbers before Tuesday’s Ohio primary.

  • In an interview last night with Steve Adubato, Christie defended his out of state GOP campaigning, saying he goes mostly on weekends (as though being governor is a weekday job?).


  • Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley – chair of the Democratic Governors Assn. and frequent critic of Chris Christie – signed into law a measure recognizing the right of same-sex couples to marry in the state beginning 2013. Opposition, much of it religion-based, is already collecting signatures for an attempt to repeal it in November.


  • As healthcare reform awaits action, some are forced to choose between home and health.
  • Who goes hungry in Passaic?
  • City of Passaic residents struggle with handicapped parking fees.
  • The State League of Municipalities calling on the Christie administration to hand over more than $700M in revenue they say legally belongs to local governments.
  • Need an ambulance in Bergen? Tick-tock.

    No clemency for man with MS serving time for growing his own pot

  • Christie doubts his multiple sclerosis diagnosis, and doubts he was raising the 17 plants just for himself.

  • Christie’s out of line questioning an MS patient’s diagnosis.
  • Medical marijuana facility in Jackson?

    Pressure mounts in the NYPD Muslim surveillance case

  • Christie ramps up his rhetoric, ACLU & other groups demand investigation. Cory Booker doesn’t mention it in his State of the City address last night but told reporters afterward news of the spying had “put a chill” on the community.

    Seriously out of touch, even with GOP rank-and-file

  • NJ Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean, Junior underestimating how New Jerseyans feel about their property taxes.

    “Budgets come and go, taxes go up and down; but saving lives, that lasts forever.”

  • Speaking at a homeless shelter Christie, with legislators from both parties, outlines some details to expand a program that would make treatment mandatory for nonviolent drug offenders rather than serving time in jail.

    Christie contradicts his Acting Ed Chief

  • Cerf said he’d review if the state=imposed school superintendent’s salary cap’s had an impact on districts. Christie? “Yeah, I’m not re-evaluating the superintendents’ cap.”

    Additional Assorted Christie

  • Christie says he’s given the Senate everything they’ve asked for on his 2 Supreme Court nominees.

  • Adubato’s 60-minute TV chat with Christie.

  • Gov defends his tax proposal.
  • Christie talks about his family being in the spotlight.
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    1. firstamend07

      Horray for the Bi-Partisan Effort to offer treatment programs to non-violent offenders!

      But that leaves the other 80% of inmates in prison with little or no education possiblities and almost no programming. Who cares you say?

      After the 5,000 or so non-violent offenders are diverted out of the prison system you have remaining about 19,000 other inmates. Of those 19,000,about 3/4 ths will be back out on the streets within 3 years.

      The State and the NJDOC HAVE NOT made a committment to offering even bare bones ged,vocational trade education, or reeentry programming inside the prison system and the results will continue to be an unacceptable high recidivism rate. Research studies have shown that the best weapon agaisnt high recidivism is in -prison trade and academic education .

      But less that 2% of the NJDOC budget is spent on education. In the last 7 years the professional correctional education staff has been reduced by 60% inside the NJDOC. Social worker programming staff have been on a hiring freeze since 2005.

      The Governor and the Democrats have madea good start,DO NOT STOP NOW! Let us do this right!

      The NJDOC Commissioner asked for $30 million less in his budget this year. I suggest he ask for $20 million less and use that other $10 million to bolster his anti-recidivism forces!    

    2. 12mileseastofTrenton

      Thanks again, Stevie.

    3. The Wizard

      It’s illegal to practice medicine in New Jersey without a state issued license. As a law school graduate and licensed legal practitioner the Governor should not make a medical diagnosis.

      Should he be disbarred for this blatant lapse? He’s the Governor, not a King with divine rights.  


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