Rush Holt talks Watson-Jeopardy showdown

I’m amused by this video of my old boss Rep. Rush Holt, who is here explaining his history on Jeopardy (he was a 5-time winner decades ago) and how he came to be matched up against IBM’s supercomputer Watson. Holt is the only human to ever beat Watson in a Jeopardy contest. He talks about how since he was a kid he’s been interested in how the world works (that’s science) and how people get along (that’s politics), the first time he saw a computer (in a Scientific American spinoff). Holt uses his vanquishing of Watson to talk about investing in research – public and private – and investing in the kind of education that will produce the next wave of scientists and researchers. A common theme in this physicist-congressman’s life and work, and one he’s in a great position to make.

But really what gets me about this video (made by the social media folks at IBM, where Watson was hatched), is the solar power backlighting, the unironic illumination as New Jersey’s rocket scientist discusses … well, illuminating.

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  1. Alex

    …I have to say that being represented by Rush Holt is one of the reasons I like living where I do. Sure there are downsides to my corner of New Jersey: the gridlock caused by Rutgers games, the drivers who seem intent on terrorizing runners and cyclists, the D&R Canal woefully in need of repairs, etc. But those are small downsides to the huge upside of having one of the smartest (ok, THE smartest) member of Congress representing me and my neighbors.

  2. zi985

    ’nuff said


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