Restoring Mount Peace

The historic value that Mount Peace Cemetery brings to all of New Jersey cannot be measured. Donating, anything to this GREAT Civil War, Black History historical site will preserve their memory and our HISTORY.  

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  1. Rosi Efthim

    This post needs some context.

  2. defendcom (Post author)

    Over the past week, Mount Peace Cemetery in Lawnside, New Jersey has received some good media coverage from local sources. The Courier Post and Philadelphia Inquirer have certainly helped, in what we can call the first step in restoring the historic cemetery. The second step, was a meeting in Lawnside’s Borough Hall Tuesday night. The meeting was chaired by Yolanda Romero the Secretary of the Cemetery Association. In the meeting Yolanda discussed all the needs of the cemetery along with beginning to organize the volunteers in groups. The 20 or so volunteers that were there, came from all back grounds of expertise and age groups.

    Today, I took the opportunity of great weather and walked Mount Peace. What I found was conditions that were not clear, in the advocacy pieces which were written. The intent from the prior coverage including mine, was to bring attention and hopefully provide assistance to Mount Peace. Where we all fell short, was not conveying the dire need for volunteers and financial assistance.

    While doing my assessment of Mount Peace, I came across many of the issues which Yolanda discussed and much more. Stones overturned / broken, overgrown vegetation, sink holes, buried stones, branches down, trash and vandalism. What I found to be overwhelming was the feelings that I had while walking through. Initially, it was anger which turned into disgust and then sadness. The sadness I felt was not for anyone that I knew buried there ( to my knowledge I do not know anyone) but sadness for life itself. Reading the grave stones as I walked, I wondered of their contributions. The war veterans, who had fought in the Civil War, World War I and II and how they helped define our world today. The other’s who were not veterans, they were the ones which I wondered about the most. What had they done to improve the world? Had they invented something, been a great doctor or a wonderful mother? Possibly raising a child that had gone on to do something great. Each name, brought on a different thought of who they were and what they could have done.

    Mount Peace Cemetery and it’s restoration, is about restoring honor to all the contributions made by those before us.

    Contributions can be sent to the Lawnside Historical Society.. marked for the Mount Peace Cemetery Restoration Project. Mail to: P.O. Box 608 Lawnside, New Jersey 08045


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