News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Rosi is taking a well-deserved day off from the Round Up. So you’re stuck with me. As Rosi would say, “Deal with it.”

Chivukula for Congress

After a decade in Trenton, Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula will seek the Democratic nomination to run for Congress against incumbent Leonard Lance in the 7th District. Blue Jersey broke the news. Chivukula is the chair of the Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities Committee and has been instrumental in shaping energy policy in the state. Last September, he granted Blue Jersey and extensive and exclusive interview, posted here and here. Other discussions with Blue Jersey are here, here, and here.

Camden in the News

While the Assembly Budget Committee heard public testimony in Downtown Camden, the elephant in the room was the Rowan takeover of South Jersey Rutgers campus. Senator Lautenberg calls for a federal investigation alleging the deal was “crafted to benefit powerful political interests.” Doh!

If You Can’t Lower the Ocean, Raise the Bridge

Port Authority asks the Feds for an expedited review process on the Bayonne Bridge project.  Sierra Club is worried about cutting corners.

Role Reversal

The legislative budget session is in full swing, with the Treasurer defending the Governor’s wildly optimistic revenue projections before the Senate Budget Committee today, and the Assembly Budget committee tomorrow, while the Office of Legislative Services presents a more realistic view.

The Supremes

A short-handed New Jersey Supreme Court will decide whether their “salary” is impacted by increased benefit costs.

Senator Kevin O’Toole, one of the more vociferous supporters of Governor Christie’s nomination of Phillip Kwon to the Supreme Court, makes the television rounds.

When asked by Blue Jersey about the re-scheduling of the confirmation hearings for Bruce Harris, one Senate staffer commented that it would happen “later than sooner.”

Charlie Stile describes the governor as “deflated”.

Blue Jersey has posted a video archive of the entire Kwon confirmation hearing.

Preaching to the Choir

Acting Education Commissioner Cerf expects good days ahead for the education-industrial complex. Meanwhile, will Governor Christie give a Trenton public school the same attention that he gave to a Catholic school?

More Christie Political Posturing

Governor drags his feet on affordable health care.

What’s that Boom?

For once, the loudest noise in New Jersey isn’t coming from Trenton.



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  1. Rosi Efthim

    Great job on the roundup. Thank you. Deal with it.

  2. rucas88

    An analysis of RUC/Rowan merger even Gov. Christie can understand.


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