News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday, March 23, 2012

Phillip KwonSenate Judiciary Votes Down Christie Supreme Court pick

  • The vote count, and the harsh words of some of the Republicans.
  • Watch the explosive closing remarks and the vote (video)
  • In a war of wills, Supreme Court nominee Kwon was a casualty. (Tom Moran)
  • Unanswered questions. (video)
  • NAACP: Gov. Christie wants to steal Supreme Court. (Harris, NAACP)

    A NJ connection to the Trayvon Martin murder case

  • Sanford, FLorida City Manager is Former Plainfielder.

    Rowan Reveals Takeover Plan for Rutgers-Camden

  • Plan wins neither hearts nor minds of Rutgers faculty, administration, top officials.
  • Rowan says its partnership with Norcross’ Cooper Health System proves the Rutgers merger can be done.

    Medical marijuana dispensary chief: Gov. Christie’s pot program delay is sabotage

  • Gov. Christie & the NJ health department have intentionally delayed NJ’s medical marijuana program in an effort to sabotage it, and his group is now out $170k, says the CEO of one of the state’s 6 dispensaries.

    West New York mayor’s home and offices searched by FBI

  • Federal agents converged yesterday on Town Hall, Christie ally Mayor Felix Roque’s medical office and his home, confiscating documents and a computer in an apparent probe into possible insurance fraud.

    Newark teachers, staffers protest school ‘renewal’ plan aimed at overhauling jobs

  • Plans to force all teachers & administrators at Newark’s Camden Street School to reapply for their jobs drew 100 protesters – parents, teachers & students – to keep staff as is.

    Teachers on the Edge of Poverty

  • And what does OSA say about who qualifies as low-income?

    NJ Catholics give church a piece of their minds

  • As part of a survey to understand why they stopped attending Mass, Catholics in the Trenton Diocese were asked what issues they would raise with the Bishop if they had him for 5 minutes. Let’s see if you can guess …

    The now-ridiculous Highlands Council

  • They ditched a director they praised, saw the next in line resign in protest, and now they’re looking for who’s next. All for Christie.

    Additional Assorted Christie

  • Christie Courts Mandatory Treatment for Drug Offenders.


  • NJ job figures show slow but steady growth, but jobless rate continues to be higher than national average.

    Just say No to Facebook

  • Legislation to bar employers from requiring current or prospective employees to give Facebook login info introduced in the assembly.
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    1. JackHarris

      “Suspend the politics, suspend the emotion. We at Rutgers will determine our own destiny,”

      Rutgers Trustee Greg Brown, the chairman of Motorola Solutions.

      Rutgers BOT Objects to Timetable

    2. Bill Orr

      See also Charles Stiles’ column today, In the end, Christie doomed Supreme Court nominee Kwon


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