Fire me up, please: Obama campaign doc tonight 8pm: The Road We’ve Traveled

Don't Re-Nig Bumpersticker

8pm: Watch Obama campaign documentary, The Road We’ve Traveled.

I know all the arguments that the second time around is considerably less compelling, than the first Fired Up! round of campaigning and activism for Barack Obama. Hell, I’ve made some of those arguments. There are a string of disappointments after a year of promise of hope and change that the President’s first term wasn’t quite as much hope and change as we thought we were getting.

But I’ve been to local Obama meetings, even in crimson Hunterdon County, that have been high-energy, and with good people. And I’ve seen the Republican clown car, and it’s full of clowns. And then there is the bumpersticker pictured above, pulled off the internet and snapped I know not where. But it could have been in New Jersey and it could have been in Hunterdon County. This is what we’re up against. This is what the other side has to offer to the intellectual discourse and direction of our country.

Barack Obama for President. Fired up.

Tonight, there’s a doc celebrating the President’s work product thus far. I haven’t seen it yet, but for those who want to take a peep it will be showing in just a few minutes – tonight at 8pm on line. It’s private, but you should be able to get it by clicking here. Note: Until 8pm, the link will show a message: This video is private.

Right after the film, senior strategist David Axelrod will be answering questions. You can submit yours on Twitter using this hashtag: #RoadTraveled.

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