Bruce Springsteen, Please Help Rutgers-Camden

Excuse me, who do you think should help us save Rutgers-Camden?

The Boss!

Uh, no, they don’t mean you, Gov. Christie. You’re not always the Boss. Sometimes, particularly in Jersey, there’s a higher authority.

Some of the folks in the Rutgers-Camden community coalition of students, faculty, staff and community have produced a video they’re hoping Bruce Springsteen sees. They want him to speak out, or sing out, against the merger Chris Christie and Donald Norcross intend between Rutgers-Camden and Rowan Universities; a merger they say would cannibalize highly-rated Rutgers’ southern outpost and reduce the value of its degrees.

Enjoy, and if you know Bruce, send this his way, and take action below:

Against the Ru-Ro merger?

There’s a petition at the R2RMERGE website, against the merger, and portals to the effort’s Twitter, Facebook, blog (currently featuring “Who’s an idiot now?”) and press and info links, and contact info for New Jersey legislators, set up so you can make a lobbying call directly from your computer.  

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  1. ken bank

    I’m totally convinced now that if Chris Christie, George Norcross, and Steve Sweeney offered free health insurance to everybody in South Jersey, the folks at Blue Jersey would find some excuse to oppose it. This isn’t about academic excellence or about quality education but rather a fixation on the political alliance between Norcross, Sweeney and Christie and destroying that alliance no matter how many babies get thrown out with the bath water (and I’m sure with Norcross involved there is plenty of bath water).

    I’m sure Springsteen has better things to do than waste his time on this, and even if he did he doesn’t have the academic or professional credentials to deal with it anyway. So here is my challenge to Blue Jersey. Post at least one article wrtten by an admissions officer of a reputable graduate or professional school, or a reputable employment service, that a student graduating from Rutgers-Camden with a degree that says Rowan will be academically and professionally disadvantaged.

    I’ve already posted elsewhere why it is dishonest to imply that a four-year degree from Rutgers-Camden has the same worth as a degree from Rutgers College just because it has the name “Rutgers”, and I’m not going to repeat what I wrote previously. However, I will add that as a parent I cannot envision any circumstance where I would send my kids to Rutgers-Camden, which is mostly commuters and part-time students anyway who go there for convenience. OTOH, I know lots of parents who send their kids to Rowan because, dollar for dollar, they have the best pre-med and undergraduate science and engineering programs in the state. And the rest of their undergraduate programs are as good if not superior to Rutgers-Camden. Rowan attracts a much higher percentage of students from all over the state, out of state, and even other countries.

    Lastly, I have a growing suspicion that this is more about some people wanting to keep the Rutgers name so that when they tell people where they went to college they can say “Rutgers” and leave out the Camden part so they can make a better impression which to me is totally dishonest and unscrupulous. I can think of few things that would infuriate me more than somebody with an MBA from Rutgers-Camden going around telling people they got their MBA from “Rutgers”.

    Ken Bank, MBA 1994

    Rutgers University Graduate School of Management  

  2. sayitaintso

    says they went to Rutgers?

    I’d suggest that you are the insecure one.

    You wouldn’t send your kids to RU-Camden because there are so many commuters and part-timers?

    I’m sorry so many working class people must pollute your Rutgers degree, Master of the Universe.


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