Bruce, Play AC – Just Not the Revel

It is the second Bruce-related post of the week. But, hey, it’s New Jersey.

Today, Chris Christie publicly called on the Boss to play the new Revel casino in Atlantic City.

“I think Bruce, if he’s true to his lyrics, would love the fact that the state used taxpayer funds to invest in this place to create jobs for working men and women,” Christie said.

Let’s look at what kind of jobs we paid to create.

Revel’s jobs are in many cases part-time and non-union, in contrast to the union jobs with good benefits at other casinos.

And they are “term contracts” which appear to be designed to discriminate based on age and to find ways to demote women not considered attractive enough.

That’s Chris Christie’s kind of workplace. But it’s not one that reflects Bruce Springsteen’s values, or New Jersey’s. So Bruce, come on back to AC – but play somewhere else.

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  1. Couch Potato Politics

    One thing that we can probably depend on is that Bruce Springsteen will likely counter the crass character challenge by Christie with class.

    Christie is knee-deep in political sewage with the recent revelations that his personally carved out budget of austerity on the poor and working class is going to fall 533 million dollars short while leaving the wealthiest (like those behind the anti-union, anti-living wage Revel folks) feeling nothing but pleasure at public dollars supporting their hefty tax breaks and business subsidies.

    I would hope that Bruce does what Bruce does best and continues to support the working class and poor in manners more consistant with actual compassion, like his food-bank concerts, contributiuons to help the poor and working poor, being the voice for those most voiceless through his music and message.

    I think that maybe “Mr. 126” concerts and counting misses the real point of the album and tour title of the newest Springsteen creation, “Wrecking Ball”. This is an album meant to expose the pain and suffering of the poor and middle class at the hands of those too rich or two allied to protecting the wealth of the rich to see the damage and pain being visited upon those suffering. The men and women who struggle and strive to do something as simple as feed their children and work for a little security against a power-base of wealth and conservative ideology ever more disconnected with them.

    When most of the poor and working class throughout New Jersey think about a “Wrecking Ball”, they think about the man who has been called a wrecking ball and who has been the voice and purveyor of destructon of the least of the states residents. Chris Christie.

    I would say to Mr. Christie that using his postion as governor to try and  shame a real patron of the poor and middle class to perform at an anti-union, anti-working-class venue like Revel by challenging his proven core principles is a new low. 126 concerts to see Bruce doesn’t make you a “fan” when you miss the point of the message and then try the “I dare you” game to get Bruce to serve YOUR interests in providing for the wealthy owner. It just makes you petty and crass. The exact opposite of Bruce.

  2. bluescat1

    to the working man, remember The Ghost of Tom Joad.


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