Weekend News Roundup & Open Thread for Feb. 25-26, 2012

Welcome Home

  • This is what it looked like 6 weeks ago when Cherry Hill turned out to welcome home soldiers returning from Afghanistan, including whole families, local veterans groups, new mayor Chuck Cahn, and up front, a group of older vets greeting the younger vets climbing off the bus back home. Video courtesy Sue Quinn-Morris.

    The Budget and TV Appearances: So Unsatisfying

  • Job creation is harder work than Christie’s ego-satisfying tv appearances, but his budget is losing its sheen fast, so he might want to rethink.

  • Wall Street experts dissect Christie’s budget proposal.

  • Christie stands by his budget.

  • More Christie on teevee – Face the Nation this morning.

    largeRomney Good News/Bad News

  • Good news for Romney? South Jersey’s “Mormon moment”.

  • Bad news for Romney: Holds event at 60,000-capacity Ford Field, Detroit, and just 1,250 show up.

    Governor Role-Model

  • Christie admits he has sneaked outside beers into Springsteen concerts: “the beer is so expensive there, why not sneak in a couple of bottles?”

    When Dems send Chris Christie good legislation and he vetoes it, that’s …

  • … the Democrats’ fault? Try again, John Schoonejongen.

    So, should we conclude that Gov. Christie simply didn’t bother to read the bill honoring fallen soldiers?

  • Christie let a bill die – by simply not signing it – mandating flags at half-staff for fallen Jersey soldiers. And his spokes-apologist Michael Drewniak blames … the legislature?

    Additional Assorted Christie

  • Christie at National Governors Assn. & RGA events in Washington, doesn’t miss the chance to promote himself as better than the President, because he doesn’t back down from political heat as he says Obama does.
  • Christie defended Romney in a telephone Town Hall pre-Michigan primary.
  • Christie guts greenhouse gas fund targeted by Koch Bros.’ Americans for Prosperity (Meteor Blades, Daily Kos)

    Real Estalker

  • Corzine lists his Hoboken penthouse at a loss.

    Leonard Lance lets a Town Hall attendee tell a complete untruth about Planned Parenthood

  • And fails to correct it for the audience.

    Bloomberg: NYC will do everything in its power to root out terrorists even if it means sending officers outside the city limits or placing law-abiding Muslims under scrutiny

  • Rep. Rush Holt questioned why NYPD was assembling volumes of information on people who weren’t suspected of breaking any laws: “It’s bad policing. It’s profiling, fishing expeditions. They’re looking around saying, ‘Surely in this community there must be bad people. If we look long enough, we’ll find them.”

    New York’s subway tabloid stands behind Muslim spying

  • Criticism of antiterror effort in New Jersey is badly misplaced, says Daily News.

    Next Wednesday:

  • Christie “Town Hall” in Westwood.

    Newark Economics

  • ‘Youps’: Newark’s expensive, excess school staff. (Joan Whitlow)
  • Newark council’s high salaries should be a source of shame. (Tom Moran)


  • This is law enforcement in Trenton.
  • State Police troopers get retroactive raises worth a combined $23.4M.
  • Christie’s budget alienates his fan base.

    No Democratic or Republican way to fix a pothole

  • The worst of the worst of the worst. (Road Warrior)


  • Christie to “failing schools”: Fail faster.

  • About half of NJ’s districts have agreed to implement some of the Christie Administration’s ed reforms in exchange for a slice of a $38 RTTT grant.

  • Dysfunctional school aid.
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    1. brendanod

      massive cutback in State Aid = massive police layoffs = spike in crime.

      Now state and county resources are being band aided to the problem.  I guess the State police and County Prosecutor’s Office/Sheriff were sitting around doing nothing prior to the layoffs?  I wonder what policing obligations are being unattended while restoration of order is attempted in the City?

      This was a very predictable  problem.  Even I knew it…



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