Tonight’s Obama NJ HQ Open House: A Video Invitation

In the looming 2012 presidential contest, I admit most of my attention has been captured by the neverending Commedia dell’Arte that is the GOP primary road show. Especially because Chris Christie’s positioned himself as chief saver-of-bacon for his man Mitt, a near-antidote to Mittens’ cult-video observations on tree height and undisciplined speechifying style with its substitution of patriotic song lyrics (that he might want to study more carefully) for meat and substance. Yes, the Republicans are ever more amusing, up to the point you are forced to consider that one of them might actually pave a road to the White House (not that any of them want to spend on infrastructure to put Americans to work).

And that brings me to Barack Obama. The almost inevitable story of incumbents seeking a second lease on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is that the themes of the first campaign lead to inevitable questions of whether promises made were promises kept (unless the incumbent can steer voters towards shiny objects like wars on terror). Hope and change sometimes gives way to frustration and ennui for voters, but that’s the game, and that’s the work. And, as a friend of mine described last night, I’m a believer in lesser-of-two-evil-ism.

Around New Jersey, there have already been some local meetings, but tonight’s the grand opening of the state Obama HQ. So, if you’re ready to get your Barack on, the door’s open for tonight’s open house:

What: Obama for America New Jersey HQ Opening

Meet state director Jackie Cornell-Bechelli and staff and find out how you can hook in to local campaign activities.

Where: 542 Georges Road (2nd Floor), North Brunswick 08902

When: Wednesday, February 29th at 6:00 PM

And here’s the New Jersey state director for the Obama campaign, Jackie Cornell-Bechelli, with her own invitation for Blue Jersey:

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