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Tom Moran gives us another  “a pox on both their houses” bon mot.

Such is the sorry state of school reform in New Jersey. We have a union whose highest goal is to protect bad teachers. And a governor who is fixated on scoring political points.

I’m sorry, but the NJEA is only interested in protecting bad teachers?  That’s the only thing they care about?  My local teachers, the people who make up the NJEA including their shop stewards, have been working without a contract for almost a year now.  But apparently they don’t care about the kids, the schools, the community or anything else.  All they care about is protecting bad teachers.

90 percent of the piece is about the Governor being intransigent, unwilling to compromise, demanding that the NJEA change to his positions before they meet.  There’s nothing about the union trying to protect bad teachers except a quote from a union leader saying she doesn’t know what a bad teacher with.

But a paragraph before the quote pulled above Moran outlined how the NJ Republican party and the Governor’s office are just fine with having college kids and party operatives stake out NJEA officials to videotape them in gotcha moments.

Please, Tom, please.  Stop with the equivalence.  We know you support the Governor’s policies and not the NJEA’s, but do you have to play this game of equivalence to make it happen?

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  1. Alex

    What to say about Moran’s statement about what he believes to be the NJEA’s highest goal? To call it hyperbole or just plain silly is simply stating the obvious. Well, obvious to anyone who has spent time understanding the teaching profession, at least. It’s statements like these that make me happy to have stopped my subscription to that rag a long time ago.

  2. Jersey Jazzman

    Well said. He’s gone way, way too far, and we teachers should not have to put up with him any more.


    I once apologized to Moran for saying he “didn’t care about education.”

    That apology may have been premature.  

  3. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Lazy writing.


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