The L. Ron Hubbard Charter School?

Hope Christie, Cerf, Rhee and the vulture, I mean venture, capitalists don’t get wind of this.

One Friday afternoon in December, leaders of a tax-funded elementary school called Life Force Arts and Technology Academy shepherded students into a Scientology church in Tampa’s Ybor Square.

The children were fed candy and pizza, given Scientology books and DVDs, and shown a performance of a play written by Scientology’s late founder, L. Ron Hubbard. Some posed for photos with Santa Claus in front of a silver Scientology cross.

It was, as Life Force leaders had promised, a Christmas party, the school’s first since a small Clearwater company called Art of Management had been hired to reorganize the school as it filed for bankruptcy.

. . . .

Some parents and former teachers at Life Force, which receives about $800,000 a year in public funding, say the Pinellas County charter school has become a Scientology recruiting post targeting children.

Opened to serve a low-income Clearwater neighborhood and advertising classes in computers and modern dance, Life Force had begun pushing Hubbard’s “study technology,” which critics call a Trojan horse Scientology uses to infiltrate public classrooms.…

It gets worse from thereon.  Read the whole article.

While fortunately New Jersey is not (yet) the FUBAR State known as Florida, this article should serve as a warning to charter school advocates in general, and those who don’t see a problem with religious involvement in schools using tax dollars specifically.

The moral of the tale:  keep public schools public.

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  1. Jersey Jazzman

    Good catch! Quite a story.

  2. Blue12345

    Candy and pizza = wonderful.

    Scientology = an unknown.

    Candy/pizza and scientology = something good?

    At least, this is how I’d imagine the kids saw it.  Sickening to try to indoctrinate the children in that way.  One of the many reasons I’m against charter schools, at least with any sort of religious involvement or foundation.  These types of schools just keep popping up.  


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