Sweeney calls Rutgers Camden protesters a “lynch mob”

I wouldn’t agree with the writer’s suggestion that not attending college makes anyone ignorant. That said, Sweeney’s was a poor, thoughtless and inaccurate description of students acting the best way they know how to defend their school against a plan they don’t support. Thanks for the diary.  – promoted by Rosi

In a stunning example of racial insensitivity, Steve Sweeney called Rutgers Camden students and faculty protesting the end of their school’s affiliation with the state’s university a “lynch mob.”

Characterizing Thursday’s rally at Rutgers-Camden as an irresponsible “lynch mob” reaction, the Senate leader said he hopes to see the confusion remedied with a clear picture of the proposal.

This in a school whose full time students are less than 50% white.  Where 1 in 10 are African-American.  More than at Rowan.  Where students were merely exercising their right to protest this Norcross-Christie backroom deal.

Sweeney should be made to apologize for his insensitive remark.

Of course, since he never went to college, it may be ignorance and not racial insensitivity, that led to Sweeney’s comment.  Either way, like Christie, Sweeney should apologize for his improper comparison to Jim Crow.

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  1. firstamend07

    To even insinuate that he was being racist in any form is a joke.

    To have this Post promoted is embarrassing. Has Blue Jersey sunk to this type of nonsense?

    You are a well known Sweeney hater who has never given him any credit.

    This post is a new low. A true cheap shot from a phony

    armchair activist.


  2. firstamend07

    Definition: Jim Crow laws, or Jim Crow for short, maintained racial segregation in the South beginning in the late 1800s. Under Jim Crow, whites and blacks drank from different water fountains, used different bathrooms and sat separately on public transportation and in restaurants.

    How is what Sweeney said a ” improper comparison” to Jim Crow.

    Each time I read your post it gets more ignorant.

    Why are you such a hater?    

  3. birdofprey

    It was an unfortunate term to use, especially given that the crowd was well behaved with no reporter incidents of violence or intimidation.  

  4. 12mileseastofTrenton (Post author)


    Still no apology from Steve Sweeney.


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