Senate Marriage Equality Press Conference

It was an odd mood in the Senate today. Celebratory because even going in to the session, we knew there were enough votes to pass the marriage equality bill. But in the back of everyone’s mind was the inevitable veto by our politically ambitions bully of a governor.

Yet, Garden State Equality’s Steven Goldstein’s optimism prevailed. If there’s a way to ensure civil rights to all couples who love each other, Goldstein’s tenacity along with the support from Senate President Sweeney and the bill’s sponsors will make that happen.

Next up is the Assembly vote on Thursday afternoon. Blue Jersey will be there.

Here’s the press conference where Sweeney spoke along with the sponsors, Senators Weinberg and Lesniak. Another key supporter, Senator Codey, also spoke, along with Steven Goldstein.

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  1. Marie Corfield

    NJ Senate for doing the right thing for civil rights. Onto the Assembly Thursday!

  2. zi985

    After watching the Mike Schneider interview with Senator Kip Bateman on NJTV iit becomes abundantly clear that Bateman supports marriage equality but voted against it because certain forces that be (cough…Christie…cough) pressured him to vote against it today.  I definitely think that with enough pressure from Garden State Equality and the constituents of the 16th Legislative District we could get Kip Bateman to be one of the three additional Senators to vote in favor of a veto-override and bring the total number up from 24 to 27.  Back in November Bateman only won the election by 10 points (55% for Bateman and 45% for Democrat Maureen Vella) which was the closest election he’s ever run in, in one of the few competitive districts in NJ.  If the people in the 16th District lobby him hard for equality (that means especially in places like South Brunswick, Princeton, Montgomery, and Hillsborough) then I could see him voting for marriage equality.  Marie-since you ran and live in the 16th District do you think it would be possible to get enough constituents there to lobby Sen. Bateman and get him to vote for an override of Christie’s veto? Here is the link to the NJTV interview with Senator Bateman:

  3. SGlennW

    I looked on the State Senate website and it did not show the roll call vote.

    I was wondering who the 5 most likely switches might be and if Blue Jersey could list them.  I’d write to each one of those 5.


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