O.K. I’m Really Mad!

“A whole bunch of Theater”?  That’s the Governor’s sum take-away from yesterday’s debate about such a profound issue? He didn’t hear families, clergy, lovers, partners, children, parents, and grandparents speak out? This most dismissive, cold and downright cruel lack of respect for those New Jerseyans who chose to come before the Judiciary Committees of both houses shouldn’t astound me – but it does, nevertheless!

I’m going to ask Michael Galluccio’s Dad to come with me to the Governor’s office, and let Mr. Galluccio explain to the Chief Executive of the State of New Jersey what a “bunch of theater” this was.  I’m truly offended and many others should be too.

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  1. zi985

    Senator Weinberg–I share your deep frustration with our Governor.  He’s someone who cares more about protecting his national ambitions then protecting the civil rights of his constituents in NJ.  However, we can beat him at this game.  Convince Senators Jeff Van Drew, Ronald Rice, and Kip Bateman (or perhaps Dawn Addiego or Tom Kean, Jr.) to join the other 24 Senators in a veto-override and there is nothing that Christie can do to prevent this from becoming law.  You guys have until January 14, 2014 to make this happen but the sooner the better.  Enlist all the help you can get from people like former Governors Tom Kean and Christie Whitman who support marriage equality and get your colleagues, Senator Jennifer Beck and Diane Allen, to speak to the handful of Republican Senators who might just be willing to join a veto override.

  2. firstamend07

    I thought I heard or read that Bateman said that the Republican Senators were told to freely vote their conscience.

    Did anyone else get that impression?

    Did Christie really “release”his hold?

    Christie really is an ignorant person. I hope State Senator Weinberg keeps hammering at him for his ignorant comments.

  3. southernbluedog

    If Christie truly believes that there are not enough vote to override his veto, is he really wrong about calling it “a whole bunch of theater”? He feels confident enough in the law’s failure that he feels the legislature is wasting its time.

    I’ve long held the opinion that, while this is a very important civil rights issue, that Democrats are raising the hopes of same-sex marriage supporters knowing full well equality will not become law.

    That said, I hope I’m wrong. I hope equality does become law. If it does, I will come back and apologize.

  4. ken bank

    Obviously Christie never saw “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” because then he would be aware of the  impact theater has on history and politics.

  5. zi985

    According to a February 1st article on PolitickerNJ there are 14 people in the NJ General Assembly that are either undecided, there is no information on there position, or they will be abstaining on the marriage equality vote tomorrow.  The rest of the Democrats NOT on this list will be voting in favor of the marriage equality bill and the rest of the Republicans NOT on this list will be voting against the marriage equality bill.  This means that the most yes votes the bill could get tomorrow in the Assembly would be 49 if all the people on this list vote in favor of it.  If an of the following people are your Assemblyman/woman call them up tomorrow morning before 1pm and demand that they vote in favor of the marriage equality bill.

    The Undecided (6):

    1) Ralph Caputo, (D-28), Nutley

    (973) 450-0484

    2) Albert Coutinho, (D-29), Newark

    (973) 589-0713

    3) Thomas Giblin, (D-34), Montclair

    (973) 779-3125

    4) Paul Moriarty, (D-4), Washington Twp.

    (856) 232-6700; (856) 401-3073

    5) Declan O’Scanlon, (R-13), Little Silver

    (732) 933-1591

    6) Cleopatra Tucker, (D-28), Newark

    (973) 926-4320


    1) Nelson Albano, (D-1), Vineland

    (609) 465-0700; (856) 765-0891; (856) 696-7109

    2) Peter Barnes, (D-18), Edison

    (732) 548-1406

    3) Joe Egan, (D-17), New Brunswick

    (732) 249-4550

    4) Matthew Milam, (D-1), Vineland

    (609) 465-0700; (856) 765-0891; (856) 696-7109

    5) Shavonda Sumter, (D-35), Paterson

    (973) 247-1521

    6) Gilbert ‘Whip’ Wilson, (D-5), Camden

    (856) 547-4800; (856) 541-1251; (856) 853-2960

    7) Benjie Wimberly, (D-35), Paterson

    (973) 247-1521

    8) BettyLou DeCroce, (R-26), Parsippany-Troy Hills (she will be sworn-in sometime tomorrow before the vote on marriage equality)

    Abstaining (1):

    1) Wayne DeAngelo, (D-14), Hamilton

    (609) 631-7501



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