Now: Hearing on Rutgers-Camden & Rowan University merger

Going on right now in Committee Room 4 at the Statehouse is the hearing of the Senate Higher Education Committee to discuss the proposed merger of Rutgers-Camden and Rowan University.

You can listen live here.

Note: You’ll need Windows Media Player, which you can download quickly with the link at the bottom of the media page.

Opposition to the proposed merger – behind which South Jersey Democratic power totem can clearly be seen –  was swift from the Rutgers community. Students – as you can read in this diary. Professors. Alumni. And the Rutgers-Camden chancellor Wendell E. Pritchett – all have denounced the plan. Rowan seems happy for the attention but probably bristling from being dissed like it’s a kiddie kollege.

This was rolled out with very little information, and the sense among some in the Rutgers community particularly that the questions haven’t been well-addressed, and the plan’s going to be rammed down New Jersey’s throat (Gov. Christie says this will happen).

This is an Open Thread. If you’re an alum of Rutgers or Rowan, let us know.  

Comments (3)

  1. Jay Lassiter

    Birds of a feather on this one.  Kinda telling.

  2. deciminyan

    …why not do it better by merging Rowan into Rutgers? After all, Rutgers is an internationally-known research and academic institution.

  3. JackHarris

    Vehmently opposed to the merger. It will set severely hurt NJ’s overall educational competitivness.

    The Higher Ed folks should figure out how to provide Camden & Newark more autonomy within the Rutgers system (where academic quality, institutional identiy and assets are protected by the goverance system from political interference) and set up 4/5 types of undergrad/grad programs between Rutgers-Camden and Rowan. That way you can avoid duplication and Rowan can focus on an undergrad mission and RU can continue it’s Research1 mission.

    There might even be opportunities to open up the NB based undergrad certificate and interdisciplinary  programs to Rowan students as part of these efforts (and maybe other state schools). It could be seen as a backdoor way into RU, but if the state college student has the grades and good recommendations and can handle the work, why not?  


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